Mixed emotions I dont want him to leave


Recently my husband got his CDL license and now is on that find a job path. But surprise surprise everywhere needs experience. Which obviously he's fresh out of school so he has none.

Their are some companys that he's looked in to but its all over the road jobs and i've been researching and researching and that 2 weeks to 2 days home REALLY????

I honestly don't feel that i can do it. We have two children and i feel that 1 its going to be hard on me and 2 hard on the kids.

Its going to be a life changing choice and i just don't know if im ready...

How did any of you ladies prepare yourself for the " trucker wife life"???????.

I've read a lot of everyone's stories some are touching but some really scare the sh!t out of me.

I just feel that since for 11 years we've been together and never apart this will be our breaking point.

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Aug 02, 2012
It's hard. NEW
by: Anonymous

My fiancé also had his cdl and the only place that would take him was CR England. Mistake number one. They tell you gone 2 weeks home 2 days and the men believe it. I asked which 2. Days he would be coming home and he said that they have to put in for the home time and that he can't do so until his Phasr one training is completed. Phase one training is 14,000 miles that my fiancé has to drive himself. Not combined with the trainer. He's been gone for 3 weeks now. 1 of them actually driving the truck. He's driven about 2 thousand miles. If you break that down he still has 6 weeks to go.

Dont forget that the transition between phase one and phase two training is not seamless. There's a wait time where he gets paid 25 dollars a DAY.

I could have done nothing to prepare myself for this and the fact that my fiancé gave me and my 16 year old sister a week to prepare ourselves was a dick thing to do. I urge you to think about it carefully darling. Because life as a truckers wife sucks.

Jul 27, 2012
Tell him NO! NEW
by: Anonymous

He will be on the road for minimum days at home if at all, for a number of years before he can get on with a good company as you already stated and now know they want experienced drivers, so like most any job seniority prevails, this is what is true because he has already looked into it so you really do not need anyone to help you make a decision.

To prepare yourself if you stick by his side and decide that he must go, you already know what is going to happen as you stated in your post, you will be alone with 2 kids raising them on your own, making all the home life decisions by yourself, hiring people or doing all the repairs on your home with only a yes or no from him. I don't think anyone needs to help you with this preparation you have an understanding whats going to happen.

Your biggest issue is telling him NO and I think really all you want is for us to validate this! So here, I validate your thoughts and for the sake of your family unit stand your ground and tell HIM NO!!!! Plain and simple!

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