Miserable new truckers wife during Otr driver training

by Trina

I am so lonely and miserable how can we make this? Sick literally hospital type sick. Worried husband will loose his shot at con way truckload if he gets called home bc I end up in surgery. I don''t want to go in hospital and get operated on again,he and I were trying to figure things out a few hours ago. Will he loOse his chance half way through he driving out there?if I have emergency? Will they put him on a plane instead of a us if is an emergency? Last surgery I was within 45 minutes offed th if I didn't get my emergency surgery. I'm scared he is scared and homesick to add to the mix. His driver trainer told him they will put him a greyhound home?!! He is in Oklahoma I'm home in our house in Connecticut if I go in to surgery that would not be an option 4-5 days of him on a bus could mean life or death if being w me?! They know new drivers w trainers don't have money! I don't know what to do. He doesn't either please any advice ladies or knowledge Conway truckload division. So scared and alone.

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Jan 19, 2015
you can do this. NEW
by: Linda Boggs

I had to have a stent last year in one of the main arteries in my hear. I talked to my friends and family and we came up with a schedule of who would help me out from getting to the hospital to getting home and having care after. Family and friends alike helped out. They made calls to my hubby to keep him informed. In the event you lack family and friends there are social workers in the hospital that set you up with visiting nurses and home health aids. My husband did not have to come home for this. We just spoke a lot.

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