Misdemeanor paraphernalia and drug abuse! Plus criminal trespassing.

by Chuck
(Columbus, Ohio)

So the title says it all! 2 to 3 years ago i got a ticket and had to go to court for criminal trespassing on a state park.

Friends had dirt bikes riding in a hunting reserve as a game warden swooped us up and gave us all tickets.

I went to court pleaded guilty which i was and paid the 150$ fine. Now 2014 of march i was pulled over by a state highway patrol and had a cigar in my fathers truck from a friend who use to roll weed up in the truck.

He asked to search me and thinking & knowing i had nothing on me. he searched me, found nothing. Asked to search the truck i agreed. he found weed on the passenger side floorboard under the seat and some seeds. I was hit with 2 tickets. one for paraphernalia which was the cigar and one for possession of marijuana.

He asked if i ever smoked weed and i told him months ago. The thing is, when you look at my record there is paraphernalia and drug abuse which makes it look worse on me! :(

My cousin josh who is a lawyer helped me with this in court and got the paraphernalia dismissed and the drug abuse as a no plea but they still show up on my record and i am planning on when i get a chance to have them either sealed or expunged.

The problem is no work due to losing my landscaping job because of losing a wheel barrel on the interstate the day before this happened to me.

I was not even the driver, but i was on a 90 day probation period for the job.

So now my real question is will roadmaster take me in with these minor misdemeanor charges?

Should i get them sealed and expunged first before attempting to go to any truck driving school?

Will any jobs actually hire me in the Columbus, Ohio area? I haven't smoked for about a month now and do not plan on going back as i am 26 years old looking to start a career that i can make it to retirement.

My father is a trucker for a concrete company and seeing his health and condition and how he might possibly have COPD and lose his job scares me now and i need to do something quick or i might be living under a bridge!

Any advice is appreciated.

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