Michael Johnson Litchfield, KY 42754

by Cleland Michael Johnson
(Leitch field KY 42754)

My name is Michael Johnson in Litchfield Kentucky my phone number is area code 270-287-8738. I've been driving for 23 years and recently was out of work till late for the last year because Dovera drove for passed away and now I've got my CDL to drive over the roads up and running New Jersey New York Florida Georgia Virginia West Virginia South Carolina pretty much all 48 states last year for a courier cops on the trucking which was a good job but I read but recently my wife passed away and we was raising a great kid which a lot of grandparents and I had to quit some trucking because of that reason and I quit on the fourth of this year I'm either 840-2000 14 and went back to get my final paycheck 12 days later after I buried my wife and they forced me to try to take a drug test I would had to pay for since I quit the company I did not have baster $500 for the for the drug test i'm just like everybody else I make it from paycheck to paycheck and but at the time like I said I didn't have the money to go to a doctor and do the physical so the company put her bed back on my report I just need a job please I've never failed a drug test drove all over the country I've never had no accidents never been convicted felon I'm 45 years old widow that needs a job to support my grandkids. I've got my grandson my oldest sons home now to Indio slab to Baltimore drink it for me so that's not an issue I need a job anybody out there need a good person that need Vic they can whore that will be reliable that is me. I know my way around trucks I've got my taker in Dorsman I've got of runflat be in reefer and dropbox all 48 states thank you and God bless you all

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