by Melanie
(Tacoma, WA)

I wrote about me on the open forum page. But in summary: I'm married to a household mover. We've been a pair for 28 years, married 25. I have two children from a previous marriage and we have one together. Our son also drives truck.

My other son is a musician and audio engineer. He composes and records electronic music. My daughter is a nurse. We have 5 grandchildren.

For the past 25 years, while my husband has been long hauling, I ve been working for the State of Washington as a Support Enforcement Officer ( fancy name for a collector of child support.)

I've also practiced massage therapy on the side. After 10 years of doing massage, I had to give it up when we decided to invest in real estate. It was easier acquiring the property than it is taking care of it, particularly when your partner is on the road!

In our spare time, we enjoy traveling. We're both history buffs and enjoy visiting museums in the areas we visit.

I hail from Honolulu, HI, My husband is from India. I moved to Tacoma, Wa in 1978, my husband in 1982 (that's where we met). We've been in Tacoma ever since.

I would love hearing from other wives and exchanging experiences! Let me hear from you. If you live in my area, it would be fun to get together.

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