McDonough, Ga.30253.... Larry Simpleman Lass

by Larry Lass
(McDonough, Ga.30253)

37 yrs of trucking, last 10 was O/O,2009 had to go through 6 months of chemo.Lost my trucks, house, vehicles, credit. I finally made myself walk, got back on my feet, in October, I came across a company called uShip. So, I went and bought me a 6'×12' enclosed cargo trailer, and come to find out, that they were the ones that have the show, Shipping Wars! In 6 months, I had made it into the top 10% of transporters, 722K, I was 561.. Well my engine blew last the process of putting a built 350 back in it.

But he's getting ols, with 347K on em, so thought maybe driving part time for an O/O, with a large unit. I'm not afraid to turn a wrench on ur truck, and I keep them spot less.Please, no Northeast coast, Florida is my favorite lane, or west.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.

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