by Matt Johnson
(Grayslake,Il, U.S.A)

Well let us see where do I actually start. Nah just playing. I'm unfortunately unemployed at the moment, was working for the government as a mailman.

I got into a scrap with a supervisor almost all the time, like 3 years ago. Every time I screwed up she was just waiting with her little typewriter to write me up. And finally she won. Well enough of that junk.

The reason that I'm actually looking into trucking is because it would be an awesome career. First I would be able to travel, which I've always wanted to do. When I was little we traveled a lot.

But how much do you remember when you are 4,5.

Second I love the weather. Hoping to go through the Great Plains, and pick up some awesome coverage on severe weather. Huge hail, tornadoes.

Third mother nature is just great. To go an see the awesome display of God's creation.

Fourth to be able to do something for our country. If there wasn't trucking America would break down.

And last but not least fatttttttttttttttttttt cashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I want to finally get out of debt, and learn a career that I can take overseas, hopefully Israel the place I've always wanted to move to.

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Jun 01, 2015
Hey man! NEW
by: Dale


Was curious if you ever got into trucking? If so, how is it? Getting that awesome coverage of sever weather?

Hope to hear from you

Memphis, TN

Dec 06, 2009
Welcome to the Gateway of the Trucking Lifestyle
by: Hervy

Hey Matt,

Sounds like your pretty much a good match for trucking with your appreciation of seeing new things and loving nature and wanting to see changing weather conditions.

You'll have to keep your act together without a boss out here over your shoulder to get up do decent money though.

You will still have rules and expectations of a good job performance. And you could still get wrote up (:0)

Your ability to have a good relationship with your dispatcher will have a lot to do with you getting miles in most cases. Bottom line is your a team.

If your ready for responsibility and you have a good attitude, the trucking will be an enjoyable career for the right person.

Well enjoy your reading, there should be enough info here for you to make a good decision.

Good luck in whatever direction you go

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