margaret Telford 17yrs exp trucking. want to get back home to TN every weekend

I enjoy driving for owner operators,most of the time,it isn't always the best because of the o/o,sometimes they can be ugly.But I have 17 years driving experience,I haven't had an accident in over 10 yrs.,I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 6 yrs.I do not like the N.east,the rest I can deal with.

I like an O/O who keeps up his equipment. I do not smoke and Like to keep a truck very clean like as if it was my own.I would actually like to be an o/o myself. Anyway, i like to have a home life like anyone else I like part time, or being gone a wk,home on wknds. I live in Chattanooga,Tn so I would need someone who is in my vicinity.

please contact me through e-mail or by phone,
423-seven six zero-7030.

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