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Note: Don't be crazy, of course you can't commercially reproduce my cd's and sell them, it's for my bootleggers and those needing to make some gas money or a few extra dollars to make ends meet.

Make Money With The CD/DVD
Becoming a Trucker

Watch The Video To Learn How
If you are interested in trucking, why not buy the CD or DVD, watch it, make copies, sell them, get your money back, sell a few more, get some gas money, sell a few more, get a grilled chicken sandwich or a tuna sub, etc.

You get the idea!

"Sell them where?", you say.... Where ever! just have a few copies when your out doing what you do. When you go to the barbershop, laundry mat, etc.

You also will come back here and list your state, town, contact info if you want so people can find you when they click on this page.

Find Your Local Distributor for a Discount Cd or DVD

Get A Discount on The Crazy Trucker CDs and DVDs for local distributors.

Get The DVD. Becoming a Trucker

Buy Becoming a Trucker Here

Then Download This Flyer About The DVD

This flyer advertises the DVD but leaves an open space for your name and contact information. you will fill this out and then go to Kinko's Fedex (or wherever you like) to make copies so that you can leave them at places you go. That way you still have the potential to make a sale after you have gone away!

ZIP File


If you don't see a local distributor listed in your area, you should go ahead and buy the DVD or CD and become the local trucking information distributor, first come first serve.

I will not allow any area to become saturated with distributors and people are listed first come first serve. To become a distributor all you have to do is buy a legitimate copy from of becoming a trucker from Amazon. Make sure you watch it and then go back and rate it.

Make copies of it, and sell it when your out and about. Anytime you go to the barbershop, laundry mate, etc. Yall know how to bootleg! lol

Bottom line, if you are interested in trucking, you get the DVD, make copies and get your money back, next thing you know, your paying for your gas with copies of the DVD or CDs.

So, there you have it. Just a way to make a few dollars doing what you already do. There is always someone in the barbershop or coming in the barbershop who is interested in learning about trucking, they may not take the initiative to find out about trucking but they would buy that DVD or CD from you for $5 just like you would if someone was coming to you!

Make Extra Money With Trucking DVD Top
Becoming a Trucker DVD

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