Lost my son suddendly 2 months ago, 2nd son is broken..

by Sherakee
(Johannesburg CA, 93528)

Greg'n Geoff

Greg'n Geoff

My son Geoffery Allen Burgess of Aiken SC, died suddenly the end of April. It was from a brain tumor that no one, including him, had known about. His 18 month younger brother, Gregery, has not recovered from it. Greg was just divorced and reeling from that loss, then with no warning he loses his big brother, his one person closest to him since birth. He's fightin hard to pull out of the dark, lonely misery hes left in, and he is, but very slowly.

Greg had spoken often of needing a dog, as a companion, before this latest tragedy ever happened. I have been looking for one for him for some time, and just recently a Border Collie puppy of 8 weeks was donated to Greg. But I am in CA, my intention is wrapping up all business here and returning to my SC, to my son and 21 yr old daughter in college.

The last few months have left us all in a financial nightmare, and it will be a good while before we are once again in the green.

I looked at shipping with responsible parties, and it is impossible for now.

Would someone going from Cali to the south east be willing to carry his puppy to him. He's not in any way expecting something good like this to happen for him, and it might be the good surprise that may carry him thru.
Let me know if you can
864-841-8041 Sherakee:)

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