Looking for either a company or a O/O willing to work with me - a Spring Hope NC driver

by Larry Bryant
(Spring Hope, North Carolina)

Back on july 31, 2014 after 3 months off got let go by Western Express Inc. I pulled my DAC/HireRight report and has nothing reported on it from drove for them.

I had 3 incidents on private property and 1 incident that happened while going around a round about and tail end of the trailer went onto the round about on the drivers side while i was looking on passenger side and it hit a sign and i didn't know it.

That's the first ticket ever got since held my cdl a since 2002. Driving for them was also NY first time ever of drove otr.

I do miss driving and looking for a company or a O/O with trucks who would hire to work with me on better training even if 6 weeks or longer so make sure im good to go before put me out on my own.

I can be emailed at bryant8291979@gmail.com

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