Looking for a chance from St. Petersburg Florida

by Darren t munn
(St Petersburg florida)

I made a bunch of mistake though out my life. it has a lot to do with the way I was raised up poor parent on drugs having nothing and thinking I was trap in that life.

I walked in my dad shoes using dealing in drugs and I did that till I was 27 years old in and out of jail no future no path ahead.

I'm so bless bye God and bless bye the family that was giving to me and a lot of hard work to change. all I care about is making a better life for my kids. I've wanted to be a trucker for years and years Ive been working at my dead in job warehouse work where I pick up 100 pound boxes all nite for 8.50 and hour no raise no heath care just hard work.

I don't mind cause it keeping me and my kids OK my wife works at a bank so we make it. Could you ever think of working 40 hard hours a week for 250 that's all i make on a good week all I'm looking for is a chance. I went to road master driving school you háve to be ten years felon free, I'm almost at 8.

If anyone is looking for a God fearing man who will always give a 100%. my email darrenmunn727@ yahoo.com.

I'm ready just to make it in this life God bless

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Oct 20, 2012
2nd Chance NEW
by: David M. Engler

Hi !

Being a felon for long time, there are laws set
in stone by trucking insurance companys regaurding
this issue !

BUT ! You have 2 choices here, One check out where you stand with trucking schools!

(2) Stay clean from ANY DRUGS, NO relaps or crime of any kind !

(3) A local letter from police Dept. showing
no crimal act for what 5 or 10 yrs. !

Good luck! David M. Engler

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