by janet christie

how to cope with your man away on the road

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Mar 11, 2011
know how u feel
by: lady grizzly

I've only been a OTR truckers wife for about 2 months and just got married 2 weeks ago we have a 3 month old and sitting alone at home sucks but we talk and exchange pictures i send him funny ans sweet pics of his daughter and me and the dogs and he sends me pics of neat things he sees on the road so its not so bad. The first time he left he was gone for 6 weeks and i about went nuts but i focused on careing for our daughter and training my dog and planning for his return home.It sucks at first but it gets easier. My husband and I send daily a text to eachother saying "I send hugs and I send kisses" and random i love yous and it helps keep the spark and makes each day go by easier. chin up! It'll get better.

May 04, 2010
Its hard I know!
by: Lisa

its never easy saying goodbye to your hubby and knowing it will be a while before you see him again. We also have a 10 month old at home and she misses her daddy. My husband and I have been married 4 years this coming sept. you never get use to it but it does get better my hardest part is when he comes home for a day or a few hours is watching him leave again.

Dec 05, 2009
when we're apart, which is ALWAYS!
by: Lisa Hainline

Baby only comes home every 4-5 weeks and for a few days at that...it's SO INCREDIBLY HARD and we're newly weds who have not had a honeymoon! i feel i have to not THINK of the times together or I'll be weeping daily...and i hate the thought of hardening my heart, you know?

I take pics of us when and send them all the time, take pics on my phone of an event, the spilled dinner, the weird chicken heads in the grocer we saw, anything we laugh at, make goofy faces and events and send them so he can "be with us".

i at least get to talk to him daily for a short period of time but it's taken me months to not go over our times together in my mind, or at least to know when i can handle doing so...:)

Jun 25, 2009
So sorry about the late Response
by: Anonymous


I realize I am a bit late! As always, but I had the good fortune of my husband being laid off for a few months. Loved it, but it did take me away from the site for a while.

It is hard being a drivers wife. How to fill that void can consist of many things- Activities such as crafts, internet junkies, friends...Many Many more things.

I do intend on putting things in my blog starting sometime this week- different things that not only provide a great way of dealing with the time, but also simple things like recipe's, idea's for saving money for the guys on the road and much much more.

This will incorporate all the wives that I can find that are willing to help. I think it would be loads of fun, and give us all something to do while building a great support group.

So very sorry for my late response.


May 19, 2009
This is what I do...
by: Crazy Kitty

While I'm at home and he is out on the road being an long haul OTR Driver we talk on the computer (he has a lap top and I have a PC at home here) We talk on Email but mostly on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

We can send each other instant messages and even pictures and videos. Sometimes I send him videos from Youtube lol. And we both have a webcam so we can at least see each other and it feels like we are together. If your computers both have a microphone you can go into the voice chat on I.M. so you can both see and hear and text each other.

It sure helps a whole lot when I miss him so much when he is gone for so long!! Hope this helps!!

Feb 23, 2009
Janet's lonely.
by: Jimmy

Hi Janet,Hopefully Jen will jump on here and respond. She's a trucker's wife with good info. I'll just say that with todays high tech gadgets, keeping in touch is easy. Check out 'SKYPE.COM' if he has a laptop with him. Excellent way to communicate, and it's free.

Nothing takes the place of actual in person togetherness. Just one question, can you ride with him or even become a driver and run team? Some couples adapt and some don't. Good luck. Jimmy

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