Lonely Momma

by Oaklynn
(Preston ID)

My dad drive otr all growing up. I never wanted to marry a truck driver because I experienced first hand how it was. My dad missed a lot of my brother and I's life. My parents didn't get a long often. After being married for a year to my best friend he chose to work for my dad so that we could make some money. At the time we were only going to do it for a year. It's now been 3. We have a 2 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.

I am having an incredibly hard time being alone and taking care of everything by myself. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I admit that I am needy and want to be with him all the time. I have a hard time being happy if I am not with him. It's so hard to keep up with church, house, bills, kids, all of it. It's hard on him that I hate his job. He hates being away. But he loves working for my dad.

We are paid well and couldn't make as much or even enough money where we are at. We would have to relocate which would be away from family. If there is anyone in a similar situation.

Please help me. Some times I just want to give up. I'm wore out and don't feel like doing this anymore....

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Feb 15, 2016
Mental Health is important NEW
by: Heather

I'm a trucker's wife and I'm also Bipolar with a co-morbid anxiety disorder. I understand being depressed and having anxiety attacks. Being a trucker's wife is hard, being one when your own mind will not allow you peace is next to impossible. Most trucking companies offer good benefits. USE THEM. There is treatment for both depression and anxiety. A good therapist will be able to teach you coping skills and give you an outlet for your feelings.

Once you can look at things rationally you can work together to find a solution. Make long term goals. Maybe he could eventually move into a local or regional job where he is home more. Cultivate a support system. Try to keep busy. Develop interests independent of him. Friends and family keep me running sometimes. The worse I feel the more important it is for me to be around other people.

Feb 06, 2016
sorry NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems you didn't take your own advice. You went through it as a child and now you have chosen to go through it as an adult. This is all your choice. You have a child now. You will have to learn acceptance. You are no good to your child depres sed or having anxiety attacks around your child. Your choice no one else. Get out if you can. I couldn't see going through hell the rest of my life due to my bad choices. This is all the advice I can give you. It sounds strong but you have to live. Make it a happy life this is the only way God would want it.

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