Located in North Blenheim, Catskills, New York. - My name is Gary Harford

This is Me!!!

This is Me!!!

I have obtained my Commerical Drivers License - Class A Rating through a Commerical Driving Training School on Long Island, NY and am looking for part time work in terms of building up my Tractor Trailer Driving experience.

It would be great to find work driving preferably in and around the area but I'm willing to do OTR from time-to-time if needed. I have moved up to the Catskills in the town of North Blenheim about 48 miles West of Albany.

I am ready to start driving if you need my help. If you happen to need my services then kindly contact me directly at: 518-827-3270 to discuss what are you looking for in more detail.

Thanks for keeping me in mind; as I look forward to keeping in touch and helping one another out in the near future.

Gary Harford
tel: 518-827-3270

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