Lisa Croskey. experienced Detroit trucker. need local or regional trucking job

by Lisa Croskey
(Detroit, Michigan)

As a driver I am dedicated in coming and going to work everyday, have a nice personality and a very hard worker knowing what I want as a professional driver.

I believe in a team work environment, willing to learn more about the career I choose to gain the experience that is needed to grow and better the skills that I was taught as a truck driver.

As a driver I believe in on time delivery and good communication and as a reliable driver I would like to gain a business relationship as a dependable driver.

I began driving in 2008 as a company driver as a Mid-west driver, love every moment but had to come off the road due to family matters concerning my daughter. now that I am looking forward to getting back to driving on the road it hard cause I am looking for local and dedicated work that will allow me to be home with my daughter everyday and as a single mother seeing to my daughter graduate from high school.

In the mean time I am driving a school bus and a greyhound charter bus for the Detroit Althetic Team for Detroit Public Schools, yes it's a transportation job but not the same as truck driving and enjoying traveling from state to state and bring home better income.

Hopefully I can find a company that is willing to invest in me as one of there company driver and gaining the experience that I need as a reliable truck driver.

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Jan 13, 2012

HI Lisa if you are still looking for a good small company to call 610 533 9658
good luck

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