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Due to EU GDPR this is no long available. 

You may be allowed to create a profile on this site if your intention is to be a positive addition to the site. You don't necessarily have to do something on a regular basis, you can just put up a profile and vanish, but have something worth posting to put on your profile.

This is not a place to promote some other site or business venture, it is a place to introduce yourself so that if you do participate in other parts of the site we will know who you are. Your profile is not guaranteed to be approved. Once a certain number of people are here profiles submissions may be discontinued so act now. Find the appropriate profile for your category.

Future Truckers
- This is for you that are thinking about becoming a driver and just doing research.

Newbie Truckers Profiles
- This is the profiles of drivers with less that 1 year experience.

Professional Truckers
- Professional drivers will be those drivers with one year or more experience.

Trucker's Wives Profiles
- These are the profiles of truckers wives.

Trucker's Friend Profiles
- These profiles are for any visitor who is just here to learn about truckers or just has an interest in truckers for one reason or another. If you share the passion for helping to improve the image of truckers you are welcome to create a profile and join the family.

Thanks to everyone's interest!

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