life on the road,away from family

by mike
(New Jersey)

I'm laid-off from my union insulating job and I'm concidering driving for Schneider National.I know driving Over-the-Road means a long time away from home.
I have two questions:(1)Does it put a strain on marriages?
(2)Would becoming a regional driver be better as far as having a family is concerned?(We have no children,yet.)
Thanks for any info.

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Oct 19, 2008
Tough yes-impossible no!
by: Jennifer Schnittker


I just read your post, although it was over 6 weeks ago.

From personal experience, is its quite hard on your family, and your significant others. I am not sure if you check back into this sight often. I do think something for your to consider is this. If you have no children yet. Get yourself into a company that will allow you to take your wife with you. Great time to spend alone time together.

I personally think regional is the way to go when you have a family. This gets you home every week-end.

I know it has been hard on my family--even regionally. However, the nice thing is, my husband gets home sometimes 2-3 nights a week, plus week ends, sometimes not at all through the week-and rarely-every night of the week. It just depends on how the freight lines up.

Either way, send your wife here, if you decide to do this, we are currently working on a support group for spouses, and drivers. Marriage is difficult anyway, and there are several people here that are willing to work with the family's to help the transition get smoother--and/or even help where you are today.

God Bless, and Be safe

Sep 11, 2008
Life away from home
by: Preacher

For me being away from home is the hardest part of driving. I have a wife and an eight year old daddy's girl at home, but I've got to pay the bills. What works for me has been the special hometime options that many companies have. My company runs me seven days and then I'm home for three days, the next rotation is seven out, four at home. The trucking industry is big, do some research and find something you can live with.

I have found that too many newbies want it all and think they don't have to make any sacrifices. I would also advise a cell phone with unlimited minutes.

Sep 02, 2008
A truckers life on the road away from family
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hey Mike,

Man I think you kinda had the idea it would before you asked. (:-) And you were right, yes a truckers life can definitely put a strain on the marriage.

If you haven't already found it by now there is a page on this site called impact on marriage, it is a must read for you.

Having said that, seeing that you are a thinking man and trying to be proactive you may be the type of driver that can pull it off! See if you are considerate and thoughtful of your wife and you are proactive about the relationship and your wife agreed to you becoming a trucker. You probably will be one of the many truck drivers who maintain a happy marriage while trucking.

After reading Impact on the marriage also check out the interviews page, I will be posting an interview I had with a driver who talked about how him and his wife has maintained for so long with him being an over the road truck driver. (its all about communication)

My suggestion though, if she is not tied to the house, take her with you on the road man at least for a few weeks at a time.

You asked about regional. Regional is okay but it usually is not as fulfilling as drivers think. All depends on how that company operates.
You'll just have to see what's available and if what they have works for your needs.

Being in Jersey, you may have some good options for regional work. If they let you go straight to regional without OTR experience.

You will usually be out 2 or 3 days and then back at the house and back out again. With experience and in that area you may come out with a pretty pay regional. Starting out I really can't advise you on what type of pay you might make in that area you'll have to call around.

Good luck,
would be interesting to find out what you decide to do. Come back and fill us in on how things are going from time to time if you get the chance.

Make sure you read the page impact on the marriage and check out the Interview with Larry.


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