lenoir n.c. michael s. erwood

by michael shane erwood
(granite falls, n.c. usa)

I had received my truck driving certificate at the Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute in Hudson,N.C. from January 12th 2009 to March 12th 2009 with a 3.8 grade average.

I was hired at Cargo Transporters in Claremont,N.C. I was hired as an OTR Solo Driver back in March 24th 2009 to June 24th 2010. I delivered dry freight to over 32 states all over the northeast,southeast and the Midwest.

I was promised over 2000 to 3000 miles a week but I was only getting 1500 to 1800 a week. I was basically paying them to drive? I kept on to my previous dispatcher about the miles I was given and he never would do anything about it so I went over his head and informed my recruiter about my situation.

He then proceeded to go to the HR and told them that I had refused to take a random drug screen for the comp. In which I NEVER refused anything for them for the past 15months I was with them. So I was falsely terminated and told if I wanted to continue to keep my CDLs that I would have to participate in taking a substance abuse counseling class and I had done so on their recommendations.

My abuse counselor told me that even though I had went and finished his classes that my DAC report on my MVR would probably be affected by these false allegations that Cargo Transporters had told them. I went and paid all these fines and gotten my cdls back in order with NO restrictions,violations or convictions on my driving record.

I got me a copy of my MVR through Hireright.com last year and the letters had informed me that I was good to go back out on the road. But for some strange reason I am still unable to get hired back on with any major trucking companies? It has been almost 3 years since this has happened and I am so looking forward to becoming a professional truck driver again.

I am willing to drive for a small based company or for an owner operator full or part time.

PLEASE HELP ME. Email me at caretaker1952@embarqmail.com or call me at 828-334-7834.

Thank You and GOD BLESS... Yours Truly Michael Shane Erwood.
Lenoir and surround area truck driving jobs

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