by Kathy K
(Berkley MA)

Hi Everyone! I am 53 years old and married to a trucker. He wasn’t always a trucker. When we met he owned his own construction company.

He has always worked 24/7 to provide for his family. Back in the day I saw him a heck of a lot more and we never spent nights away from each other.

We ended up closing the business and he went to work for others. Our life changed drastically.

He was driving from 5 at night to five in the morning. He came home to bed and I went off to work. We were ships passing in the night. We survived that but the money really stunk. It just didn’t seem right him exhausted all the time, his health deteriorating and us having a tough time making ends meet.

Things changed when I became disabled and could no longer work. One day he said to me “what do you the think about me going back into business, buying a truck”?

Some guy he knew told him about a great opportunity driving for 3 to 4 days making like $5000 a week. We took out an equity loan, put a deposit on a truck, bought a 53’Reefer and went to work.

Well the 3 to 4 day thing never happened. He is gone 6 days a week and home 1 night.

I go with him when I can but my health problems and responsibilities at home...6 cats, 2 dogs, a bird , an 82 year old father etc etc prevents me from being away all the time.

I couldn’t stand to be in the truck 24/7. I love to be outside gardening, walking or enjoying nature. I agreed to this and I support him all the way but it can be hard.

Mostly I worry about his health and accidents stuff like that. I sometimes feel guilty that I am home having a good time. The other thing is money.

Making money but still how do you make ends meet? With taxes, insurance, repairs etc.. I would like to get better at saving.

Anyways about me... sometimes I get lonely and blue. I try to stay busy . God knows everything at home is on me plus I do the bookkeeping.

Basically I am happy and love my hubby.

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