Just because...(message to male drivers from a female heavy hauler)

Seems as though there aren't many of us girls that are into heavy haul.......That would be me.

I have long nails, long hair, wear make up and perfume every day. I do not dress provocatively, yet am treated like a lot lizard, when obviously, I'm not. I am an owner operator, yes, it's all mine and it's paid for.

I work my butt off to get the job done. If you want to help me, don't wait til the 14' high load is tarped, come on over and help me out instead of just watching to see if I can do it myself.

No I don't need you to get another link tightened on my chains, got that down. Don't worry about my truck being faster than yours, do your job guys and let us girls do ours.

If you need help to find other adjectives to describe us, or refer to us, I'd be happy to meet you at the nearest Walmart, and get a dictionary or a thesaurus to help you out in that department.

We are out here doing a job that for whatever reason, we chose to do. To feed our families, to pay our bills, and do something a little different than be a secretary behind a desk.

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Sep 26, 2016
You go girl !!! Hold your head up high smile You did it !! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so proud of the women who know in their hearts that they Can Do whatever is in their hearts that they feel like they can accomplish .
Just because we are daughters sisters moms and just happen to be a Girl ! We can do its in our hearts
Heaven forbid us to think it about it long enough and we act on it. Well what do you know we did it !!
We passed the permit test
We passed the driving tests the inspection test and
on the first try believe it or not !!!
And did it after raising 2 wonderful children the loves of my life ! I've always wanted to learn but my children came first . After trying for so long while I couldn't learn from one person I did finally learn how to change gears in a big truck . I just absolutely LOVE MY Job!!! I Love Respect and I'm honored to be working for the company who Believed In ME .
I honestly love getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work I wished I could have started this 25 years ago !! But like they say it's not how you started it how you finish that matters
And girls please listen
If any Man tells you that you don't have what it takes to drive a big truck
If they tell you you just don't have it in you to do it
Or your reflexes at your age is not like when you were 15 years old to react
It's not your thing !!!!
Well one just proved you Wrong
I have 2 bosses and a Wonderful supportive Cowboy and my Daddy and my Daughter who Believed in me and knew I could do it !!!
It takes a Real Man to believe that a woman Can accomplish things .

Mar 20, 2016
Hauling heavy and looking pretty
by: Hervy

I really appreciate your account of life as a lady hauling heavy. I can see now and imagine the talk as you are out there securing and tarping your load.

I image a number of guys assuming that you are a passenger in your husband's truck. LOL.

Keep on doing your think out there. I really love when people do things outside of what people expect to see. It helps all of us to monitor our thoughts and opinions.

I imagine with long nails and hair down, I might also assume that you were not the owner operator. But you choose the do the deal with lady appeal. Nothing wrong with that.

Thanks for sharing. Hammer down!

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