Jeffrey Lott Exp Trucker CA

by Jeffrey Lott
(Merced, Ca, United States)

About a year ago I was driving for central refrigerated services as a over the road trucker and I came across a young lady from St. Joseph, Mo that worked at a Love's truck stop. As we got to know each other she was giving me rewards points from Love's that was equal to cash and you can buy anything with these points.

None-the-less she was caught and she pointed the finger at me, keep in mind that I was an over-the-road truck driver and I had only been to St.Joseph twice in my life. With that said they issued a warrant for my arrest and I was thrown into jail wrongfully for 3 months and now I have a felony on my record. This is by far the worst thing that has happened to me that is now stopping me from getting back into the work force. All I would like is a chance to get back a trucking job without being looked at as a felon or even as a thief, my record shows I have a receiving stolen property charge, and never in my life have I stolen anything from anyone.

If there's any advice out there please feel free to share it with me. Thank you Jeffrey Lott

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