Jason talks lot lizards for the wives and a few words for husbands out there

by Jason
(San Antonio)

As I have gone through some of the horror stories on these boards, and some of the great stories, I have noticed one thing.

Very few of the stories are middle of the road, either they hate their spouse or they love them. So, I have seen many women on here ask about lot lizards.

My wife came out with me on the road for a 2 week trip. We were in Knoxville, TN, when she got her first glimpse of a lot lizard.

I really was shocked at her response, she said that all her worries were relieved. She knew for sure after seeing what they looked like, that there was no way I would ever touch one.

I had always told her that I would never even consider having sex with a lot lizard at no charge, much less pay for it.

Now, I know that there are drivers that go down that road, I have seen it. But, for every driver that asks one of these girls into his truck, there are 50 others that refuse.

So, rest assured ladies chances are you husband is laying alone in his bunk tonight just like every other night he has been away from you.

In fact he is probably thinking of you and missing you just as much as you miss him. He may be tough on the outside, but most of us men are just as mushy as you on the inside, whether we admit it or not.

As for you men out there, if your lady is questioning your fidelity, here is my advise for you. Talk to her! Let her know how you feel. Don't be ashamed to tell her you love her in the middle of that busy truck stop restaurant.

Send her love letters from the road. Nothing speaks more to a woman's heart. Take the time to write down a few words about how you feel. If you can't find the words, there are plenty of those little card stands that have some great cards that say some wonderful things about being apart from someone.

Send her flowers, or a fruit bouquet with chocolate covered strawberries(these work really well because most women are used to getting flowers, when you send something different, it means even more to them).

Send her the occasional post card. Women love to hear that you love them, but when you take the time to write down your feelings, that can go a long way.

When you come home surprise her with something. It can something as simple as a letter you wrote, or a little trinket you picked up at the truck stop.

Note: a blender or small kitchen appliance is NOT a good idea! One of the things I do for my wife is I send her to the local day spa.

We have 4 children, so my wife works very hard at home. I am sure your wife works just as hard while you are away. Just imagine your wife has to be: mother, father, friend, housekeeper, chef, taxi, psychologist, nurse, disciplinarian, and mediator (if you have more than 1 child).
All this is extremely hard work. So when you get home, take the kids and tell her you got them while she goes down to the day spa for a $40 massage and $50 manicure and pedicure. You don't have to do it every time, maybe once every couple of months. After all, you would spend $100 or more every couple of months making your truck look and feel pretty. Why not do the same for your wife?

Now, I am not saying you need to do all of this, but some of it every once in a while will do wonders. Remember, "when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Hope this helps!

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Jun 02, 2016
The Lot Lizard Epidemic NEW
by: Truckers Wife

The truck stops are crawling with them, they're not even obeying the "no lot lizards" stickers anymore. The bottom line is they keep pounding on the cabs at night, and truckers keep letting them in. Wives, dont let your husbands become truckers, if they succumb to their wiles, you will catch something nasty like aids!!! Truckers have this saying, "whatever happens on the road stays on the road." They cover for each other cause they are bound by a truckers oath to do so. SO you never know if your husband is being faithful, or just lying.


Oct 15, 2015
lol NEW
by: Anonymous

well i can see that in TN but bring to her to cali where the lot lizards have money to look good and are trying to catch more money!! funny story...

Oct 14, 2015
Lot Lizards are not my concern NEW
by: Anonymous

I know he wont do anything with lot lizards and he swears he will never cheat, but I just found out he picked up someone and had them travel with him for a few days. Now I wonder how long that has been going on. Are there any decent men around?

Aug 17, 2015
raw deal NEW
by: Anonymous

im a female interested in getting a cdl all i want to do is talk to a truckdriver

May 03, 2014
sorry NEW
by: Anonymous

there is no explanation....they just do it without thought....

May 02, 2014
Looking to understand NEW
by: Anonymous

I just recently found out the guy I have dated for three years has slept with a lot lizard. It really surprised me becuz I have ask him before and he lied and said he had never been with one. I can't seem to get this off my mind. Y would any man want to pay for sex especially with nasty gross women who have probably slept with 50 men before you. Pleas help me I don't get it.

May 02, 2014
Looking to understand NEW
by: Anonymous

I just recently found out the guy I have dated for three years has slept with a lot lizard. It really surprised me becuz I have ask him before and he lied and said he had never been with one. I can't seem to get this off my mind. Y would any man want to pay for sex especially with nasty gross women who have probably slept with 50 men before you. Pleas help me I don't get it.

Dec 03, 2013
Lonely NEW
by: Anonymous

It is better to be lonely than to be in back company of a loose woman with loose marbles.

Oct 27, 2013
thanks for what you posted NEW
by: Anonymous

I think as a woman when are men are not around we cant watch it and think they forgot us and are doing something wrong. I know my hubby takes care of his own needs and I know he has dirty pics etc. I rather him take care of his needs himself then to go else where.but it is in the back of our minds what if? this page has helped me and I have heard my hubby complaining about them banging on the doors at night when he is trying to sleep.makes him mad and a few times it has been what he says crack heads trying to get money. so i do want to trust my hubby but this life style is so hard to deal with sometimes and i guess I should trust more but it is hard at times.

Jul 21, 2013
jason on lot lizzards NEW
by: Anonymous

Well I'm here because I googled stories of a lot lizzard it has been on my mind since the encounter I experienced I decided to visit my husband this weekend we were at a truckstop drinkin a beer talkin and I see a woman maybe in her forties about to knock on my husbands truck she hadn't seen me and nervously said she was sorry and warned me about the cops how bad they were I was shocked I had heard about them but never saw one but I'm glad I ran into this post it kinda puts my mind to rest but it is true if its goin 2 happen we hAve no control but trust it won't and rule is keep your man happy if not someone else will

Apr 17, 2013
Talking is the key NEW
by: Anonymous

Jason is correct , Talking is the best thing to help relieve worries . sometime lavious gifts can make a woman more curious as to why the extra attention . comunication is where its at .
I know alot of men, do not like to hear it or to talk about a problem.. but it is worth 10 minutes of your time to relieve her worries, IF you care.
As for Lot lizards , well If you respect yourself and your own health you do not need there service .
IF your respect your spouse or partner,
You do not need there service .
(If your single, well, the Risk is your own .)
Life is too short to be missreble and constanly worried and one cannot change another person
Trust makes a strong realtionship as well as honesty and communication .

Jan 29, 2013
he likes porn... NEW
by: very concerned!!!!

I've always trusted my man up until a few days ago. A private facebook page we were both in suddenly turned hard core porn... so I removed myself and cried when I noticed he didn't. I asked him to out of respect for me and we fought about it. I asked him why would he stay in that group. If he wants naked pics, hell I'll. Send him some. But anyway, it scares me because what if those younger skinnier girls get him all wound up.... who will get the pleasure of my man. He is out 5 weeks at a time!!!!! :'(
Plus if caught him in a few stupid lies too.
What do I do????

Jul 07, 2012
Good Topic NEW
by: Anonymous

Just for your information and this is not to make it hard for anyone but...... lot lizards today come in all different sizes, shapes, forms, even some are well educated.

There has been for some 13 years now that I have seen the turn around of a different type of lot lizard out there. I am noticing more and more that women are looking for men who are working period, in this era of economic hard times women are leaving their men that are not making money and turning them in for men who are working, it seems that truck drivers are very valued at this time as this type of job is not going anywhere soon.

I have seen these women at work. Looking normal enough sitting around a truck stop restaurant eating and making it a point to sit in outside patios alone, dressed nice so they can be noticed. And the scam begins as soon as the man talks to them.

The best thing to help a person to not worry about what their mate is doing in their spare time is to have total trust that they will not veer from their relationship.

People do not have to be truck drivers to cheat, cheaters come in every walk of life and the mate does not have to cheat on the road either, they can do this right under the nose! So my statement is that if this is a major worry for some then maybe something needs to be addressed within.

Myself I have way to many things to do in life then to sit around wondering when my mate will cheat, I feel if it is gonna happen I have no control over that, it is them who are cheating their selves..... and my happy life goes on! :)
They have to live with themselves......

Keeping it real

Jun 04, 2011
Lot lizards

Very nice post. My hubby brought me necklack the last time he got to come home!!

Jun 02, 2011
Thank you
by: Laura

Just wanted to thank you so much for your post... it does help to hear from other men that see what goes on routinely out there.... and does put my mind at ease... there is always that little nagging voice in the back of my head asking " What if...?" Even though I know in my heart that nothing is going on..I don't ever let him know about the nagging voice.. I keep it to myself, so this is good info to have.

Once again, thank you.

Jun 02, 2011
Jason says it all
by: Katrina

Jason's comments really say it all. Most truck drivers would be caught dead near a lot lizard and will tell you so. They know that even if they try to hide it, their wife will know. Having been on the road with my husband and also stayed at home alone, I can tell you that most wives don't have anything to worry about. Those husbands that do stray would do it no matter where they are.
Also, girls(or guys) when your mate does get home let him/her know how much you appreciate the things that they do. It is a challenge to be gone from home and they really do give up a lot for us. Just remember to love them and let them know that you do.

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