Jason M.

by Jason
(Flowery Branch, Ga. USA)

my e-mail address is jason.mayt@yahoo.com

Where do I begin,Well..I just got my CDL A..Ive been looking into alot of companies but no one does seem to hire inexperienced drivers...
but here's what i have to offer to a great company..

I got out of the Army and went to a Trucking school to get my CDL A..Ever since I was a child I watched my grandfather and Father drive, and practically grew up loving what they were doing..So now, Im a 3rd generation Truck Driver..I was not only destined to do this, but this is my life long dream..To be extremely successful in something my grandfather and father did..
But i need the experience, I want to be given a great start..I dont want a hand out because of how much blood,sweat, and tears my family put into it..But i dedicate my love for this job in their honor and memories always..i dont want my family i now have to suffer as far as money issues.

I am wanting to be the (excuse my language)BEST DAMN TRUCK DRIVER OUT THERE..I want to be known by every single company out there as a very worthy Asset to this business...Yeah, I ellaborated alot about me...But for whom it may concern, I won't let you down as far as getting to point A to Point B..yes im in it for the money of course..but im also in it for more than just money as well.

Im in it for the love and passion to do it..i reached my child hood dream..Now, Im in it to become rich and successful, and to one day hopefully bring new drivers up with a love and passion as I have in it in the future of this business..thank you for reading such a long letter

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