Jack-knife the truck as a trainee

Had a jack-knife (March 08) on snow with trainer in the front seat. I only have eight weeks of road experience. The accident is on my DAC File; I was wondering how long before I will be able to land a driving job?

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Jan 07, 2009
jack-knife dude
by: jimmy

yo, the training period is just that. training. a screwup fresh out of school does hurt you but not necessarily ban you. i can almost guarantee you that will be your first and last accident. it's a learning experience. you do see that truck driving is a serious business, right? call them co's and find one that will take you on....jimmy

Jan 04, 2009
Jack - Knife
by: Anonymous

I was in my third week of training driving out of Waco, Texas. It started snowing, I wasn't concerned, about 2PM it was getting worse and we talked about getting off three miles down the road. Before we got to the exit, the tractor tandems lost traction. No one was hurt, killed, and no damage to guardrails or roadside property.

I was let go, and now am waiting to get back on with someone. I feel like a black sheep, that no one wants to touch. So I am asking for everyone's opinion.

Jan 02, 2009
jack knife a tractor trailer as a trainee
by: thecrazytrucker

I don't think you would have that hard of a time getting a truck driving job.

The only way to find out is to get to calling.

How did you do it? What happened.

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