ive taken the cdl test 4 times its just the alleydocking that gets me would u give up or get more training and take it again

ive taken the cdl test 4 times and the only reason that they never pass me is because of the alleydocking been to school and everything want the cdl or should i call it a day scores the last time was 27. Dman

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Aug 22, 2011
by: hervy

Lol, yep Nick told ya right Thurston....

It's some so called experienced drivers out here that back like they started yesterday!

No need of stopping now, you are only going improve if you keep at it with focus on getting better. Always pay attention to where those tandem axles on the trailer are. It's make a difference on how much you steer and correct.

If its in the same position most of the time, you'll zero in on the process quicker. Notice how those tandems track with your steering. Keep it in mind and try to master how much you adjust and correct.

In other words, don't just mindlesy turn left, right, left, right......oversteering. this of course is how you do it at first but if you work on it you can improve on it.

Remain consciously aware of the process. When you do.a.great backing job...zone in on the way you did it from the set up to the dock so you can try and develop a technique that works best for you, which you will repeat every time.

Like Nick said your set up it the next biggest factor. You'll discover what works best for you. Usually around a 45 degree angle about 20 out from the inside truck.

When you park in the evenings at an empty truckstop practice a few extra times so you getp better quicker.

Do it this way and you soon be a pro.

Aug 21, 2011

Man thanks alot that already took the edge off and believe me i will ask for that help starting to understand it more alot more thanks.

Aug 21, 2011
Stick with it
by: NickV

Cant give up now look how far youve come! What is it that is messin with you? The driving school I went to made you pull up to a certain spot and then at this cone you turn and that cone you turn or whatever. There isnt any cones out in the real world which is why I thought that was so stupid.

All you can do is keep practicing and once you get it your gonna be like damn why didnt I think about it that way. I will tell you what there are seasoned vets that still have a hard time getting into spots.

Backing is the hardest part about trucking but if you think about it, its the one manuever really you do the least of. So once you get it down the rest just falls into place.

Setting your truck and trailer up correctly is 70% of your back so remember to use as much space as possible. Even when you have a back that you think will be easy still take every inch of space you got for manuevering. Get that back end swingin over and then get under it and catch it before it goes to far and you get out of shape.

Last thing you want to do is be lookin out that right mirror in a blind side back. Once your in the general vacinity pull up and straighten her out if you have to. Then its just a matter of watching mirrors til you hear that $$CHA-CHING$$ sound when your freight hits the dock.

Think I have posted something a little about straight backs but thats the last part of your back up. You can correct the trailer showing up more and more into any certain mirror by just turning your steering wheel to that mirror. There should be no irratic movements meaning turning your wheel in a full 360 degrees in a straight back. You want to make small minor adjustments.

If you start to get out of shape stop, pull up, and start again. Trust me you arent the only one and you will see that when you get out on the road and not to worry if someone sees that your having a hard time usually someone will get out and help. Yeah you will get the jerks that talk mess on the radio but I guarantee an hour ago it took him just as long to get into his spot.

My advice is if your neighbors have their radio on just advise them you have a radio and if they see somethin on your blind side or whatever to give you a hollar. If they dont respond turn it off. Its just a distraction and if a hard working driver gets his brand new Pete crunched up cause your talkin on the phone or yappin on the radio its not gonna be pretty.

Drivers will lend you a hand just ask, never be afraid to ask for help you will be more respected for asking. Good luck to you and I hope this helped. Keep trying and dont give up.
If you have a problem with a certain part of the back post it and I will try to give you some advise

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