Issue with Boyfriend of 7mths- last issue was him talking to his "old lady" friend- now my other issue...the way he visits his "kids"??

by AmandaT
(Columbus, ,Oh)

Now the other issues I'm having that I'm having a hard time dealing with...his kids. I myself have none yet but we have talked about it.

He has 2 biological children whom (18 boy & 23 girl) I have met them and his daughter and I got along quite well. His son and I have met once but it was nice.

Its the 7 year old that I haven't yet met and she is pretty much adopted by him. She is bi-racial and him and his ex are both white. She had an affair on him and got pregnant with this child. He is a good dad and treats her no differently than his biological children.

Here's my issue, when he goes to visit her, he is going to his old house and staying there all day. He comes home to me but like yesterday- he has been there since about 1030am until around 9pm. And today, Sunday the day he leaves for work, he just now left again (930am) & who knows how long he will be gone and I know he is going back over there to see them.

I don't want him to think that I'm trying to make him choose between me and his kid at all but I rarely get to see him as well- how do I deal with sharing the little bit of time I get? I have made the suggestion that he can bring her here.

I've made this place a home for him as much as he has let me- but this has nothing to do with his kids, I just don't like him being around his ex ALL day. They had a very tulmutuous relationship, just bad all around.

I don't understand why he can't take her somewhere or bring her here and this is my next issue. I don't say much because I don't want him to think I'm making him choose- but damn, this is getting old because I only feel like I get him in the evenings during the weekend-like daytime is off limits.

The one weekend the little one and her mom was gone all weekend and he couldn't see her he spent the whole weekend with me and we had so much fun, I want that back- I'm so lonely. My ex husband wasn't a bad man, we just had a lot of differences.

And to be honest sometimes I think, why did I divorce him, only to be alone? I know that's wrong but at least with him I wasn't...this is hard. Can someone provide some insight? Am I wrong to want him during the day too?

Is it wrong for me to be mad that I only see him during the mornings and evenings? Sometimes it's during the day but rarely. I need help...

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