Is now the right time to get into Trucking?

by Jimmy

If you are a male or female or a husband and wife and thinking about trucking as a new career, just listen up. I want to give you some advice. I don't want to discourage you, but I want to encourage you.

Trucking is a great career, but you can get "taken" very easily. There are ins and outs to this business that you need to know. Better that you know them before you make a mistake and lose money. It is very easy to lose a lot of money quickly.

If you sign up with a truck driving school and spend big bucks, and then can't find a job, you'll be a little irritated. Browse this website for good information. With everything that is going on today, don't just believe the trucking schools sales pitch. Investigate further and talk directly to companies. Get it straight from the horses mouth. If you can, go directly to the trucking company's office and talk face to face.

In the "old" days, companies were begging for drivers. Not so today. You may have to look hard, but make sure you have all the info before you leap. Jimmy

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Apr 02, 2018
1c NEW
by: Anonymous

Companys not treating drivers as good as they should be new regulations and bull shit I quit handed in class A licence last week will not drive again as for new drivers 30 cents a mile you buy your own food and being away from family good luck six weeks at a time companys will tell you plenty of hometim e till they get you out there. Was a good life years ago not now so good luck to you and believe what they tee you

Jan 15, 2010
a new day for the trucking industry
by: hervy

Yeah life has slowed down for the trucking industry finally. Great post Jimmy.

I figure by next year this time we should see a rebirth. The only questions is what changes are going to take place in July. New legislation will drop this year that will likely have an impact on drivers jobs. It may cause a lot of drivers to quit or be shut out of the industry which means even more jobs for the new drivers.

Will be interesting we will see how things go.

Every violation will put points on your Driving Record and I am sure there will be a requirements once you get a certain number.

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