Intimidated by the size of the truck and trailer

by lester kolbe jr
(milwaukee wisconsin)

I am a person in the milwaukee area and i have my temperary license to drive big rig. I get really intimidated by the shear size of a big rig truck. i am licenced to drive every thing but big rigs. How in the heck is it possible to drive such a big piece of equipment?

I think it is the bad truck accidents around hear that that is getting me spooked. How long does it take for the intimidation to go away (if at all)? I see alot of truckers in my area how get into impossible situations i know i would start panicing.

Is there a certain frame of mind a trucker needs to do good at this industry?

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Aug 26, 2011
So Sexy But oooohhh so Big!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for asking that question!!! I feel the same way!! I am a female and Ive driven a little and I have problems backing up. I am so very very thankful to yall for answering so honestly!! I feel much better now!! Do it til we get it right!! Right boys!!! ;)

Mar 25, 2009
California Company
by: Gregi

Any good companies in Southern California that will train someone who's never driven a big rig?
And Lol at renting UHaul truck. Not a bad idea ^^

Mar 06, 2009
Relax, it's normal and it will pass
by: Hervy

Lester it is wise to recognize that there is differently more to driving that big rig than any other thing on the road.

It is perfectly normal to feel intimidated when thinking about that.

Having said that, don't worry and just breathe. It's no big deal once you learn more about driving and get training about the job. Also once you experience how to judge and maneuver with the trailer you will feel less tense.

As far as preparing, you did more than many people people do, your asking questions so I would say you are definitely headed in the right direction to be a good driver.

Relax, the intimidation will dissolve away the longer you are in the truck. One day you will just all of a sudden realize that you are no longer the slightest bit tense.

(At least that's what happened to me! Lol)


Mar 03, 2009
New Driver Intimidation
by: TurtleNeck

Jimmy: All drivers start somewhere! We all started with the same nerves and feelings you have right now. Believe me it goes away! The career is worth the first few weeks of those uncomfortable feelings. Both financially,and in this unpredictable economic world, look around drivers are still being hired every day.

My advice is Do Not Go trough driving school, they cost between $3,000 to 4,000. Save your money, and hire on with a company with a driver training program there are many out there. These company's teach you the road ropes, and are patient when mistakes happen. The only draw back is you will not make top pay but the investment is worth it after a year or two you can get with a top rated company.

You already are on your way, when you posted your question we all have been there buddy! We all are willing to help just ask...
Get out there abd get it done, you will not be sorry! Good Luck Jimmy...

Mar 03, 2009
by: Jimmy

There are people that are intimidated by a 24' step van. As well as driving in the snow in Milwaukee, or climbing up a 1000' sheer rock somewhere. I would say only be intimidated by another human being, not by a truck. I mean come on Lester, that truck will only do what YOU, the driver tells it to do.

Yes you can find yourself in a dire situation, but you just keep your wits about you and think it through. Remember, it's not a perfect world out there. And never be afraid to ask for help.

This is a tough job market. So expect anything as you look around. I would get a pre-hire commitment before I spend money at a driving school.

Here's something you can do and it's cheap. Go rent the largest U-Haul with the largest trailer, and practice driving around AND backing into spaces. Spend the day doing that, and you'll get a feeling for handling a big rig. I know, I know, it's a might smaller than an 18 wheeler, but the principle is the same.

And see if there is a community college to train at for school. They are cheaper. Good luck. Jimmy

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