In South Africa. My name is Piki

Ill try to explain my story..just excuse my broken English..its not my first language.

I am from a farming community in South Africa..drove trucks (10 - 14 tons) since school..and start driving bigger trucks (24 tons) from '97. All my life i've been a free spirit..and following my dreams.

One of them was working on a ranch in close to it..i've worked there on 2 stud farms for 19 months..then my visa expired and had to return to SA. big dream is to drive trucks in Canada.. and see the country...and what better way is there than seeing it from a truck !

BUT....i need a job offer to get to my goal. I like this part time idee..leaves me some time to do my own thing..but wouldn't mind full time either.

About myself.. Im a 48 year young healthy,,fit strong,and can do what most men can.. im practical can make a plan in almost any situation... can do a lot of things due to my independent life style and no husband to 'depend' on.

Im REALLY very loyal..sincere..trustworthy..hard working and i like fairness.. I have family in Drumheller..been there twice so im a little bit familiar with Canada.. I want to try to immigrate to Canada if all went well and continue driving trucks till i can't drive it no more..because i love every second when im behind the wheel of a truck!

I have never done long hauling...but will do so..i see it as a challenge and experience to further my 'career..' Would like to start off short hauling for a couple of months if possible..just to get into the system and strangeness of a foreign country..and winter roads...(we don't have ice and snow here)...from then onwards ill be fine.

Last..but not least..i have a little dog which goes where ever i go.. He is VERY well behaved..use to travel..even rides with me on my motor welcome in from restaurants to the bank at my local town.. He will be coming with me..and needless to say..had to drive with me. One last thing..i have a bit of a speech impediment (stutter a little bit) but that never stood in the path of what i wanted to do..

I know this is a bit of a strange request..but if anyone can help me..i really will appreciate it and won't let you down.



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