In PA with CDL permit

by terri
(harrisburg pa)

Hi, I'm Tee, a female who upgraded my license from class b to class a well i tried. i went to school however i have not passed the road test yet. i have 2 felonies both of which i got in 2010 receiving and buying stolen goods state of va and second degree assault in state of maryland. i have finished probation and never served a day.

im looking for a company that will hire me with my class a learners and that is hard i be honest about my charges but sometimes i want to lie.

im in pa and trying to get home to dc to my son but i cant go home till i find a job that pays me. its very frustrating because i have no dui no dwi no drug convictions none of that. a female hit me i hit her back i was charged. i was with a friend the car was stolen we was both charged. what can i do?

i want to get home to my son and earn a living doing what i love to do. im not afraid of big vehicles drove city bus for 8 yrs.plz help

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