Im new with my cb

Hi i am new to the cb world all my life my dad and uncles talked about the conversations they had on there cb's growing up in the 70s and 80s so i decided to buy myself one as well my question is how do i get people to talk me on my new cb

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Jan 20, 2009
Breaker 1-9
by: Hervy

What's your 20?(Location) lol

Yeah, Jimmy's right, it's just a very few terms that is used commonly on the road.

(A full list of cb lingo and terms are here. There is also a video that shows how people pretty much just talk on the cb like they are talking face to face expect using variations of 10-4 and roger.)

CB Talk and Truckers Lingo

You should at least get your radio Peaked and Tuned at a cb shop. That will help you get heard a little better than. If you really serious about being heard you will have to get some more serious work done, I never been a big cb enthusiast so I can't go into detail with you about it.

I will tell you this though, I wouldn't spend a lot of money for a fancy radio brand new. You will hear drivers selling them all the time at different truck stops, most of the time it's nothing wrong with them and all the work has already been done to the radio.

Drivers either upgrade their CB radio, or buy a radio with his driver points from his fueling rewards card or he sells his radio because he is getting out of the truck all together.

Have fun

Jan 20, 2009
C/B Chit Chat
by: Jimmy

This question is easy. Just key the mic and talk. Well, OK, a couple things first. A normal range is about 5 miles, give or take a mile. So anyone within 5 miles of you can be heard by you and you can hear them. Now understand this, if there are 50 c/b's in that 5 mile range, in a perfect world, only 1 person would key up at a time and then 1 person would respond.

But this is not a perfect world. So when you get your C/B hooked up, you'll notice lots of people trying to talk at the same time. A big problem with C/B's is people have the squelch turned to the right too far. So they can't hear someone talking in a distance and think that no one is talking and key up and actually talk "over" that person. The remedy? Turn your squelch all the way to the left. You'll hear a little static but that's OK.

Sometimes, no one responds if you ask information. Try to talk slowly and clearly, no need to yell. You can direct your conversation to a certain truck that you have in your sights, or just throw out a question or info to anybody that is listening. One last thing, the C/B lingo is really 20th century anymore. All the C.W. McCall, Convey, truckers C/B lingo from the '70s is hardly ever heard anymore. Jimmy

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