Im located in New Jersey and im sam brocato

Ive been in the construction business all my life now that im 50 i want to travel otr in a big rig and see places i havent seen yet.

I've alwYs drove and love it ive never been in a accident in my life i have driving in my brothers rig and my step dads rig he told me if i get my class a he would buy me a rig.

Well he has passed away about 8 months ago and everything was split up between his kids. well i have my license and i do double clutch i have driven a few hundred miles so far and i can say i drive just as good as some of these drivers with a million miles.

I aLso can do a log book also know how to move a tandum and adjust my fifth wheel. i can pull a box or a flat trailer. give me a chance and ill make everyone happy and rich

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