I'm an experienced driver in cincinnati, ohio looking to pull freight for O/O

by Brian H
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

I have had my CDL since 2001, drove for a couple national carriers, but in august of last year 2012 I left the company I was driving for because I couldn't make enough money to sustain me on the road AND pay bills at home.

Haven't been able to find regular work ever since tho, and now the big companies say I need current experience to be hired - hell it's only been since august 2012 lol 9 months. I haven't forgotten trust me and I can drive anything up to a 13 speed. I CAN drive an 18 speed but I prefer not to. Used to drive for an O/O years ago, he leased his truck onto a national company and I drove it.

Wouldn't mind something like this: my DOT card is good until June 2014
My email is cdlman65@gmail.com

By the way: If it matters, I do smoke and I am 47 years old. In Cincinnati,Ohio

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