I live in Loxley Alabama, but originally from the Pacific Northwest

by Donald Spinks
(Loxley, Alabama)

I began driving truck in 1977 while still in the Army. I was stationed at an AFFEES station in Minot North Dakota. I waned to learn to drive, but had a hard time trying to get somebody to teach me.

Finally a driver from Northern Tank Lines out of Montana said he would teach me; the rest is history. I drove 23 years and gained a great deal of experience from hauling double tanker trailers hauling Sulfuric Acid to Costic Soda. I drove flatbeds, over height and over width loads.

My experience was well diversified because I love trucking, it's a part of me. I know for some that's hard to believe. The reason I stopped was my wife became very ill. She had a hard time, especially after a heart attack.

My driving ended because I had to be home to help her. My CDL expired and I didn't renew, so of course I'm probably going to need to drive again to regain my CDL. I'm not asking for a hand out, just for the chance to drive again.

I hope somebody out there may consider this.
I don't want to go through some driving company,who teaches, then hires. I believe that is why so many truckers are bitter having,to sacrifice loads and miles.

My cell number is 253-985-5917. I look forward to hearing from someone, that's for your time.

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