I like your site but it can maybe look better

by Marvin

Hey hows it going Ive checked out your site and have read it from time to time I used to drive big truck for about 8 years and got burned out.anyhow I just want to mention that your site has good content but lacks a bit on the "appearance".

Ok well just thought I'd mention it and good luck.I know i need it.


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Jun 25, 2009
I guess thats an opinion
by: Jennifer Schnittker

I have been all over the net, granted there are some that look better- but what I do like is the navigation of this site. Its straight forward, and easy to get through.

Don't change it too much. I can think of a few things that might make it look "kewler", but hey, lets not judge a book by its cover!

Jun 02, 2009
trucking website can use a little texas pete
by: Hervy

What's good Marvin,

Yeah, I agree, I plan on spicing it up a little this year.

looks a little homely doesn't it?

You just watch you'll be proud of me one day!


May 05, 2009
Marvin thinks he's burned out.
by: Jimmy

Hey Marvin, thanks for checking in. This is Hervy's website, I'm just a contributor. Hervy will probably get back to you and he doesn't mind being critiqued. As I browse the web daily, I come across a lot of sites that I think are great and some that are way too funky.

You say you're burned out from trucking, bet you'll be back someday. Stop by anytime. Jimmy

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