I hate every second of it. i am an OTR truckers wife. and its horrible.

by Kryssy

Me and my husband agreed he could drive otr because i was told and PROMISED repeatedly that he would be home EVERY WEEKEND! SOOO not the freaking case.

So while he is out partying it up with family and friends all over the USA (He has friends all over this country and family) i am stuck here taking care of my son and my house and I am in the military so im fighting to find sitters for those drill weekends when i have to go away.

His family doesn't like me so since he's not here anymore EVER they wont freakin help me with him. i have a 3 week training period coming up and dont have a sitter because his family is full of jerk offs. excuse my french. my husband has told me 3 times he would be home this weekend and was suposed to be home yesterday and wasn't. then today. and isn't. then tomorrow morning and once again... is NOT going to be.

He claims he doesn't have enough available hours to drive to Ohio from Tn. which is total BULL. He told me he has 14 available hours. last time i checked it only took freakin 10 n a half hours MAYBE 11 to get here. so i'm assuming he either just doesn't wanna be home or he is cheating and gonna go get his road girlfriend. So my advice to girls who's bf's or husbands or WHATEVER the guy is to you, wants to be a trucker especially OTR tell him NOOOO because it will ruin your relationship.

I am only 21 he is only 22 and we did have a good relationship but now its nothing but fighting and hang ups on calls and frustration. we cant stand each other and i dont know if i even WANT to see him anymore.

he has also changed a lot. he is more of an ASS when he is here. always telling me what to do and that i should clean this or that and not appreciating any of the stuff i do around here. nothings EVER good enough. he is a different person and i def see divorce very soon. so FYI if you actually LIKE your relationship. i wouldn't do this. you probably wont last.

i supported him and supported and supported him some more. and i've got nothing but a slap in the face for doing it. its not worth it and you dont really get much money. he only makes about 500 or 600 a week no different from a stupid factory job. and your spouse will NEVER be home and you may as well consider yourself single or in my case a single married mom.

its pointless!!!

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Aug 12, 2016
Just your experience. NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry you are with a d bag. Don't blame the job, blame yourselves. My husband has worked away jobs for the last 13 years. We are just fine. He is trucking now and things are great. Not the jobs fault he isn't coming home.

Aug 08, 2016
Cheap domestic help and a cover for their homosexuallity NEW
by: Blights of the Highway (Walter W. Posey)

"Well thar lil'lady, hyuk hyuk, wekkem to th' world of bein' uh woe-mun in a TRUCKIN' MAN'S WORLD! YEEEEHaar!"

I feel for you, I really do. All too often women don't realize that (American't) truckers have a deep seated disdain towards women in general, and are only truly attracted to their trucks and other truckers. Then of course, AFTER the marriage they're 500 miles away showering with their "Good Buddies" and jacking it to trucker's porn (Caterpillar shop manuals), and you're at home watching little Tater run through the house with muddy sneakers screaming "WHOMP WHOOOMMP!" and washing his s**t stained undies.....another trucker in the making.

I had spent from 1994 to 2008 in the heavy aftermarket truck parts industry. I for one enjoy spending time with my wife, but every damn Friday they'd all come rolling up right at 4:47pm in a panic wanting a complete brake job - drums, shoes, s-cams, slacks, spring kits- and then throwing a tantrum if you're out of something. F**king slobs. Cigarette butts in the sink, p*ss on the floor and s**t everywhere except IN the bowl. Clomping their muddy clodhoppers up and down EVERY isle and dragging hoses behind them, leaving a trail of hydraulic fluid all the way to the back of the shop. Oh yeah, don't forget the 'bakka spit cups abandoned everywhere. Go to build them a drive shaft or turn a flywheel and tell them they can pick it up in 2 hours. Then half hour later having to stop to answer the phone "Is it one yet?", THEN having to finish the job with them standing in your back pocket.

Come to think of it, perhaps trucker's wives should relish and savor every second spent away from Billy Bob Inbred.

Jul 25, 2016
Crying wifes NEW
by: Anonymous

I have to say most of the women posting here sound like they were not ready to have there man go otr. As some have said driving a truck is not about partying. If you stop at whore houses ,(is there such a thing as whore houses?) Anyways, if you stop its recorded by most carriers and either you wont have a job or miles very soon. I've requested home time and have been strung around all over the country. Not because i wanted to but because i had no choice. We dont do this job because we love it, we do this job because most dont have educations and this is the easiest way to make very good money. Anyone who says they love otr driving in my opinion should grow up. Dealing with snow storms idiot drivers and horrible dispatchers usually make otr drivers lifes miserable. My wife fully understands i dont control my tires, the company does. Wake up its a pay check, if your husband is cheating then leave his butt. If you dont know for sure then stop whining about things that you sound like you have no clue about.

Jun 14, 2016
OTR Truckers wife NEW
by: kathy

I know exactly what you are talking about and feeling, I am going threw the same thing, mine never calls anymore, doesn't have time for me when he gets home all he does is sleep, I looked at his phone and saw that he was TX n and escort girl trying to hook up, I was crushed, I confronted him about it, and his response was I was thinking about it but couldn't go through with it yeah right I don't believe him for one minute, this OTR bull shit is ruining our once was great marriage, all in just 4 months, so depressed.

Jan 05, 2016
General NEW
by: Ryan

I have been an OTR driver for almost 15 years! I will agree, it can and DOES stress a marriage out big time! I am always in a different location most nights! To answer your question if he is cheering on you, just check his logs! My normal days are 600-780 miles per day! And I can still be within my 14 hour rule with a 73 mph truck! As long as his dispatch and the shipper/receiver has their shit together, he should not have a problem getting home within that distance! If not he could get held up and not make it back home! If he continues to shut it down more and more often in that area or other routine areas then yes he is probably doing it for another reason! We do, or I do not have the time to make this job a big party as you put it, but yes ,some guys out here do just that! I do my job to make the most money each week to the best of my ability so that some day I will be home everyday. Myself, I do what I can to make it home as soon as is practicable because I like to be home and I love my wife!

I hope this will help some


Mar 17, 2015
Agrwe completely NEW
by: Anonymous

i had to quit my job bc my husband decided on his own that he wanted to stay gone for months at a time. We have 4 children. I am stuck doing everything. I also feel that my husbands a jerk ever since being a driver. I try my hardest to understand his decision, but I just can't. I have no remorse for him bc he chose this career. I don't understand the difference between both of us working making the same amount of money as he does alone. Plus he spends most of it on himself. In my opinion, it's a selfish ego driven career. He's gonna be the one losing out in the end. Not only is he taking away our love for each other, he will not see him children grow up. But then again, it's always my fault. Haha good luck!

Feb 28, 2015
Not all of us are pigs NEW
by: Michael

High I am sorry to hear that, I am an owner operator, been driving three years, my wife had fears to but after she realized how hard I was working and she trusts me also, she realized I didn't have time for such bad behavior, on top of that I have very strong principles that I won't violate for anyone. We have a great marriage and we vacation about three times a year, she used to stay on the truck with me until she got pregnant, our daughter is now 6 months old, she is 24 and I am 30, I met her when she was 18 after my last combat deployment to Iraq. I can honestly say I wouldn't have made a good husband at all at 22, infact I'm not sure I would have if I haven't experienced my own mortality through combat. I realized how precious life is, and there is no reason to keep searching for happiness in meaningless things. You and him are young, mistakes will be made, once he realizes the mistakes he is make no he will have to live with them. I was a stupid kid once also. When I met my wife I was mature and ready to be married, I believe God did this for a reason. He showed me the important things. Sex is sex, that's it, it's not important and if you can't be happy with out it, then he relationship isn't meant to last. What I mean is there are way more important things than pleasure, belongings, a new car, neat things. If me and my wife couldn't have sex period, I'd never have sex again my whole life and be perfectly fine and happy with that, and so would she. I am fulfilled just by being with her and she feels the same way, so everything else is a bonus. I am gone for weeks at a time, I make sure I make home time count and my time with her and my daughter is the most important time for me. Trucking is not for everyone, many relationships don't last, however I would recommend to anyone who is business minded to buy there own truck and lease to a company like Landstar, reason being is I can stay home as much as I want and I can make as much money as I want, if you can make a year as a company slave, then buy a truck and lease to a good company, you need that yea rl before most companies will let you be an owner operator for them. Also you don't need an expensive truck to be an owner operator, my truck cost 15000 dollars, there are several quality trucks for less than 20grand. My advice to you is make him drive local or give up trucking. Maturity doesn't always come with age, there are older drivers who have good women at home but they cheat and treat the family badly. My opinion is your either a good spouse or your not, trucking didn't cuase the infidelity, it revealed the character flaw he already had, a cheater is a cheater no matter what they do for a living. I say if you want to find out if you married to a good person, truckers my is a good test for both of you, I hope things change for you.

Feb 07, 2015
To each his own NEW
by: Jim

Driving a truck otr has destroyed many families. If a spouse resents it and a compromise cannot be worked out the end result is usually divorce. Some couples thrive on it others do not. I can see were you believe you are getting a raw deal. Your husband obviously loves life on the road. Just because opposites attract does not imply they can stay married.

Jun 02, 2014
Stop whining NEW
by: Anonymous

and take of things yourself. Damn if I had you for a wife I'd find a girlfriend too.

Shut up and just do it whiny pants

Aug 12, 2012
I have to agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a truckers wife as well and do not like it one bit. We did allot of research prior to this career move and went into thus with eyes wide open. What I did not expect that even though requests to be home were made in more than enough time they were ignored and special events were missed and feelings hurt not only mine but our kids and family. Then he started to change, behaviors such as cussing wise than a sailor (dropping f bombs all over) and he used to deplore that, drinking heavily, ignoring me and or kids, lying and then the ultimate he totally trashed or wedding vows and had an affair with a whore. I am not a young woman so this cannot be blamed on young love, we have been married for well over 20 years, very good years at that. I was supportive of his being a trucker all the way up to the point he picked up with the slut. I made sure that he had all the comforts of home in his truck and home made meals. Something happens to skit of men when they go out on the road, they seem to lose their common sense and morals because they do not feel they will get caught. I have also road with my husband many times for lengths of time and saw thus behavior routinely and cried thinking about the women during at home holding down the fort, being both mom, dad, friend. I was devastated when I discovered I was one of those women.

Do not compare a trucker to a member of the military as there is no comparison!

P.S. We are trying to work out our issues and save our marriage of 20 plus years and he did the right thing and quit being a trucker. I personally do not feel otr driver and marriage are good companions.

Nov 22, 2011
it dose sux NEW
by: connery

I drove for 4 yrs an my ex wife pushed me to drive an 6mo into driveing I heard that I wasent giveing enough money home an I dident care about her or my daughter anymore it is a tough life an that's why I no longer do it not cause I can't handle it just or don't like it I'm to loveing to leave the people I love and I'm close to if that's how you feel get out I left my job for her an she left me. Much love to ya. Your friend connery

May 02, 2011
I truly understand you
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a OTR truck driver for 8 years we have 2 + children and I treated him like a king when he came home I really did. I believed he was different heard so many stories of truckers ugly ones it was scary , and i thought mines would never do that but guess what i was so freaking wrong he was just another rotten aple in the bag , my husband bought a touch screen cell and he didnt understand it well hardly knew how to use it so he started callin me not knowing he was ...well i started hearing all kinda of weird stuff women talkin , music at clubs i even heard him askin a woman for a lap dance and then more i would question him and he say i was crazy he would never do that he swear on our kids lives and everything crazy right , this past easter he made the same mistake after promising me we gonna start all over and make this marriage work not just for the children but because we love each other my phone rings there he was talkin to his helper tellin him to go for a while and take his time i heard him honk heard a knock on the door heard his conversacion wit a female he even talked about our marriage then came the most heart breaking moment i heard my husband having sex with that female writing about it still makes me sick...he was coming home the next morning WTF .well now im getting divorced ask him to choose his job or us and he picked his job wish he wouldve been true to me and if he had quit loving me or caring about me he wouldve told me . well your young if he is not making you happy move on you have a whole ife ahead of you do what makes you happy and whats best for your child . take care god bless you contact me if u like . now my husband is making me all kinds of promises got on his knees begged me to stay he says he loves me oh well just another lie ...guess its easier to find a woman than to get another job .

Apr 27, 2011
by: Carrie

Kryssy, you are so negative, and so full of anger & resentment, I find your vent almost offensive. My hubby is OTR & we have an amazing marriage. It is possible to have a great relationship with a truck driver. But obviously you & your hubby have some major relationship issues. Life on the road isn't partying & living it up. Neither is life at home. I seriously think the only hope of overcomming your anger & resentment towards him, and his with you is some serious couples counceling. Or the marriage needs to go. The kind of negative behavior you are displaying, (and maybe the hubby too) is doing a total disservice to your child. Parents are the foundation, what kind of life skills, and coping skills is this child being taught by seeing and hearing such negativity. You sound like an unhappy woman & it's up to YOU to take action & chnge that.

Apr 16, 2011
Agree, the life is not for everyone
by: Anonymous

As a former lady truck driver (and yes, a pretty one) and the current wife of an OTR trucker I will tell you life on the road is hard but it is just as hard being away from the ones you love. You are young, and young love is always the hardest to make last. It sounds like you have little help from his family, but that is not his fault. Unfortunately he does have very strict laws to follow by law he can only drive 11 hours in a 14 hour period then he must take a 10 hour break. Not only that he is at the mercy of his fleet manager/dispatcher with the loads they give him as well as the mercy of the shippers and receivers. If the fleet manager/dispatcher gives him a load that is further away or that can only load/unload at a certain time that will delay him getting home. If the shipper or receiver is slow to load/unload that will cause a delay too...and trust me, I have waited at places 18 hours and couldn't do a damned thing about it. As a driver I had friends all over the country too, but I seldom had time to stop and party as you'd like to think. If I ever had a chance to meet with a friend it was never for longer than a hot meal and a cup of coffee at a truck stop. It sounds to me like you both are feeling very lonely and frustrated and have trust issues. You have a different view of how things are on the road than they really are and he is feeling under-appreciated because you complain when you talk to him on the phone, yet he does the same thing to you when he comes home. He gives up a lot too...good home cooked meals, a hot shower, his own bed, changing from clothes to pjs to sleep, being able use the bathroom anytime and so much we fail to forget. Remember...I've been on both sides of the fence here;) If you are thinking the relationship is over it may be too late to save it...but with some work, good communication where you listen don't yell and never call each other names, and a renewed trust...you might be able to save your relationship and let that little one of yours have a real family. What ever you decide to do, good luck, I wish you the best <3

Apr 16, 2011
the life is NOT for everyone.
by: Anonymous

Being a truckers wife/girlfriend/partner is the HARDEST and most REWARDING job in the world. I have been with my driver for almost 8 years now and i absolutely love it! Just like with every other relationship in the world, there are ups and downs. It's how you adjust and overcome that makes it different. My heart really goes out to you for seeing such a negative aspect on such a beautiful thing. I've always viewed being an OTR driver like being in the military. Would you expect your husband to talk to you like that if you were deployed? By being in the military you should definately understand what he is going through. HE IS DOING A GREAT SERVICE FOR HIS COUNTRY! With no disrespect and a whole lot of tough love, i would honestly advise you to look at it at another prospective for a moment.

1. He CAN NOT control what his family does. That is beyond his control and you should NOT hold him accountable for anothers actions.

2. There are NO garuntees in the trucking industry. Recruiters can sware and promiss all the stuff they want but no one is garunteed anything in this field of work.

3. Your husband is out there ALONE. There is no support on the road. No one is watching his back. No one is keeping him safe. Many people have died in this line of work! And contrary to sterio stypes there is a whole lot MORE than just driving a truck in this line of work!!

4. Being an OTR Driver is NOT just a job. It is a life style. It seems that there was NOT enough investigating or enough education about what this life entails and requires from everyone that is involved.

Before you are ready to throw your hands up in the air and give it up. I would suggest you take the time to understand and embrace what your husband is going through and having to deal with. The first year being OTR is the worst but it does get better and easier as some of the better companies that require more experience become available. As far as him being able to make it home. Please know that drivers are only allowed 11 hours of driving time in a day. Their 14 hour clock does not mean that they can actually drive for 14 hours a day. (Especially if they are having to run legal) There are ALOT of rules and regulations that they are REQUIRED to follow.

We all want our drivers home at some point or another, the reality of this is though that it is not as simple as just driving home.

Apr 16, 2011
trucker marriages
by: Anonymous

Get out of this marraige while you are still young. I was in a 31 year marriage and was just told that I wasn't wanted anymore. Hubby started driving truck and now doesn't want to be with me anymore. Save yourself a lot of heartache and start over while you are young enough to go back to college, switch careers, or just find yourself. You have a lot on your plate right now. Threaten him with custody. Sometimes that brings men around.

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