I am in Minto North Dakota, My name is Bruce McMurray

by Bruce McMurray
(Minto North Dakota)

Hi there every one. Last year one of my twenty year dreams came through and that was to drive trucks in the USA. I have been driving trucks in South Africa for 22 years and of that was in Ireland for three. I have done just about every thing there is to haul with a truck.

My wife and I own a B&B in Durban South Africa and it has been our goal to finalise the last couple of things to bring it to the standard we are looking for.

We have both traveled and have no kids and are able to move if need be. Our ultimate goal would be to sell our B&B in Durban and Buy some thing in Canada , But like with many business you have either money or time. Just to get them both together would be fantastic.

My wife has friends in Comox sorry spelling is incorrect but she fell in love with Canada as a whole. I know this is what she wants and I too would like to spend more time home and may be find some one who I can do this with.

I am 42 and soon to be 43. My wife is older 51. Dont tell her i told you. So we are mature adults with our feet firmly on the ground looking for an opening.

my email address is ibmacman@gmail.com
and one of my North Dakota 701 230 8458
and the other 701 520 8515.

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