Husband Started Driving 6 Months Ago And Then This Happened - I'm Totally Lost

Husband started driving 6 mo ago. In that time he didn't come home period he was supposed to be home for Xmas and a week before quit calling blocked me on social media.

Told our kids he's in a bad place mentally just depressed and can't right now isn't coming home for Xmas doesn't want to talk to any one???

I knew he was depressed and trying to get use to not being home but what the hell. Since Christmas he called 1 time said he wants divorce can't do it anymore .

I'm devastated everyone keeps telling me give him time he'll come around . Is this I'm homesick cant cope ? I am just lost totally

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Feb 10, 2019
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by: Anonymous

Nope...he emailed me told me he wanted a divorce. First part of Jan. Unblocked me from social media though we text and talk but not about anything to do with our marriage or anything like that he shuts down if I bring up anything like that. He said he wants to be able to talk be friends keep in touch. I'm still at a loss. Everyone who knows us is just as shocked as me. As they all out it you two did everything right went out on dates always spent time together when we had free time. We've been married 15 years. There wasn't problems in the marriage just alot of depression. From him feeling like he failed me is what he keeps telling me ;(

Feb 09, 2019
It could be
by: Hervy

I think blocking you on social media might be a little extra, unless you and him had been going back and forth a lot.

You said he started driving 6 months ago, I wonder how long you've been married. Because if it's less than 5 years it's even more understanding (to me) because yall are still learning each other. (I am guessing)

If he is highly disappointed with is trucking situation, which could be true, then it can be stressful.

If he is bad at handing stress and disappointment, then it could affect his attitude. However, that doesn't make his attitude and way of handling things right.

In fact, it obviously a problem. But there are many people who were never taught the skills of handling stress or resolving conflict.

One thing I'm wondering, "Was things going great before he left trucking?"

OR were there issues in the relationship and he might have left to escape dealing with the relationship issues.

Saying he wants a divorce and blocking you is strange. But remember, I only know your side of the issue.

If both of you want this to improve, I suggest talking to a marriage counselor. That said, if both of you are willing to work on things that likely is a sign that the relationship will improve with time.

Especially after his is out of training or probation. If he went to one of the largest schools and doesn't like the situation, it could have a dramatic negative affect on the relationship if the person doesn't know how to handle the disappointment and stress.

How are things now, any better.

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