husband is having sex with teammate who is a man

by Susan
(Missouri )

I think my husband is having sex with his teammate who is a younger man. He has changed completely I remember at first when he started his first trip few trips was with the trainer was very sexually active an on different dating sites.

Every stop he will go out with a woman so my husband will stay in the truck but he would always be horny and calling me and FaceTime me and saying that he missed me.

Every day since he is has been with this teammate now it has been a year he never masturbates or FaceTime me masturbating or have sexual on sex because he says his teammate is driving and that’s understandable. But not even talking about sex or saying that he wants to be with me is very odd and highly sexual person like him.

At first when I met his teammate although he has a girlfriend me as well as family that I had home that day thought he was gay. My husband doesn’t take me to expensive restaurants but he has taken his teammate too expensive restaurants.

When he has been on Hometime his teammate stays in our city in a hotel and my husband visit him every day and worries about him and called him to see if he has eaten and actually goes and picks him up to have dinner on a restaurant on water which is a very romantic setting.

They have done this twice my husband doesn’t take me to that restaurant yet he takes his teammate because his teammate likes that restaurant that to me is very odd.

I’m wondering are there any truckers out there that have found to release their sexual feeling with their teammate ?

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Feb 09, 2018
Your wrong NEW
by: Anonymous

It's trucking it takes everything out of you..

Seriously no exercise ..

Your wrong

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