husband cheating over the road

by lavenia

Just wanting to know If any of these women ever been cheated on while there husband is on the road. well mine did and I called the other lady. He had told her we were separated. well in a way we are when I only see him 30 days a year. This is new for me and not really sure how to handle it. Just hurt and feeling very let down.

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Sep 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Virginia, I feel for you. How did you find out? Listen my husband also is an OTR trucker & he gets very defensive when I tell him that I hope he is only faithful to me.

Since I handle the finances here at home, which all wives seem to do, well I called our phone carrier & made them make out a detailed summary of our phone calls without my husband's knowledge & believe me I go over that bill with a fine-toothed comb & so far no suspicious #'s but even if one shows up & I question him, you know how men are for covering up lies, mine will probably say oh that women that answered was the wife of so & so & if he has a co-driver like mine does who is single & has nobody because he lives out of hotels, he could use his co-driver's phone or pick up a lot lizard from a truck stop.

Mine keeps saying oh he would never do that because of the diseases out there, well not to upset you but take my doctor's advice & she told me that you don't have to be a trucker to cheat but she told me that if he is away for long periods of time & is only home 2-3 days trust me, he's doing it with others!

So I am also taking my doctor's advice by giving me one word of important advice & that word is LEAVE!

Why should us wives stay faithful to our husbands & then when they come home, give them intimacy when they are looking for greener pastures because if they love us, they wouldn't be doing that & you know damn well that when they are home & if we have intimacy with them, they sure don't have us in mind!

And as of right now, I am in the process of doing what my doctor said! Good luck & follow my doctor's advice!

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