Hubby's Mistress is a truck.

by Jimmy
(Kingman,Az USA)

Let me say a few words about a husband, a wife/family, and a truck. I really feel for young married couples that have jobs/careers that require separation. Military,truckers,pilots,traveling sales people, mariners etc don't much see their families. Many a divorce have been granted because of these occupations. And many marriages have succeeded in spite of these occupations.

There is no clear solution to the separation problem. But I will say that if a person choses his/her career over his family, then his/her family is not the most important thing in his/her life. Oh, I suppose a lot of people will want to debate me over that statement, but I stand firm in what I said. I've been married 7 times and was an OTR driver while married to 5 of them. If any of them had asked me to quit because they missed me or couldn't stand to be alone, I would have because their happiness was more important than my job. I was always able to find local work if I wanted it. I never had my kids, but did have step kids.

There had to be trust and understanding. A big problem always seemed to be me wanting to just hang around the house and relax and NOT drive anywhere, while the wife wanted to do things. Remember the John Conley song about a hard working guy ready to hit the couch on friday nights and wifey wanting to go out and whoop it up because she had been home all week with the kids.

My point is that each situation is different. People thinking about marriage need to really consider what your lifestyle will be like regardless of your spouses occupation. Think before you leap. Will he/she be married to YOU, or his/her job? Words of wisdom from Jimmy

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