How much time off does a tuck driver get?

by craig

My situation is im 24 live outside of Boston Mass. I'm an electrician right now and working for an older guy with the economy the way it is we've slowed way down barely working 10 hours a week.

i would like to start my own electrical company but i need money to pay the bills as i get it started (gain customers).i love driving have nothing really holding me down and i want to see the good ole USA so i was thinking of becoming a truck driver i would have to do a school that was free and offering a job because i have no money to get my cdl at a tech school.

so i guess my question is is there a company that would let me drive a week 2 weeks then a week off and be able to make it back home. or am i just crazy

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Mar 09, 2010
So you wanna be a trucker huh
by: NickV

Well, this is kinda a hard question to answer. Umm 2 weeks on and one off is not going to happen first off. They will tell you they will but its not gonna happen I can guarantee that. Also, if your thinking your gonna come out and make a killing in the truck driving world, that's not gonna happen either. Your gonna have to deal with a bs OTR company and make close to nothing for at least a year for you to make any money.

These schools and websites paint such a pretty picture of the money and all that but its rough. Honestly im surviving off my fiance's income check right now. I make enough to survive out on the road and honestly that's about it.

I send in a hundred here and a hundred there but its definitely not the money I was making swinging a hammer. Its a big change. But I will tell you this. If you have a girl with a good job, or no bills, no family, no real big responsibilities at the moment then nows the time to jump in and do your time.

I cant begin to tell you how much I love this job. The people, the sights, the different challenges that are thrown your way daily, its really a great job. But just like any other you gotta start at the bottom.

Im sure when you started in the electrician trade you had no tools, no experience, no idea of how or what to do. Now you have it down and im sure your getting paid much better money. Same thing. Its a great job, just gotta start off making jack squat for awhile to get to a company and the money you want to make a living with.

I will give one word of advice. Make sure what ever company you go with isn't a team driving company. I really didn't have much choice and got stuck with one and it makes things 100 times harder. As if making no money and being away from home isn't bad enough, having to deal with a total stranger for 4 weeks at a time in a small box isn't fun, trust me.

Good Luck and if you have anymore questions, shoot.

Mar 09, 2010
Do you really want to become a truck driver, Really?
by: Anonymous

Talk to Over the Road drivers who have started with these companies. Your not going to get any time off and your not going to make any money for the first year. Can you live on less than $300 per week. How do you feel about living in a truck?

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