How much do couples teams make?

by P.O.L.O
(Pasadena, California, USA)

How much do couples team make preferly within a year as new drivers then after about 2yrs in?

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Jan 28, 2020
Team Drivers Can Make Good Money If
by: Hervy

team trucking

Team trucking is good if you have a spouse, companion or hate the idea of being alone on the road.

However, in order for it to bring higher pay several things must happen.

Company must have the consistent long runs.

The rate per mile split need to be higher than you can get as a solo driver.

Most of the freight needs to be drop and hook.

If most of those are true the pay might be better.

Im on the phone typing here. Go to the page at the link for more detailed explanation.

Also dont forget you'll be living with someone in tight quarters. Little privacy and less freedom for time off etc unless a couple.

Plus each driver must ne able to drive at all times of the day/night if maximum pay is the objective.

Jun 13, 2017
Big bucks ?
by: Jimmy

Teams split the mileage the truck makes. I don't want to confuse you but teaming means the truck makes .60 CPM as an example and the pay is then split (almost always 50/50) between the drivers.

The difference is the drivers are getting paid for all miles the truck is running, so, even while sleeping and the truck is rolling you're getting your mileage pay (half of .60 CPM)

If the truck runs 22000 mi/mo you get half of 22000 X .60, right ?

A solo driver might run 10-11000 mi/month. If the pay was .40CPM that would be $4400 gross. 22000 mi/month .30 equals $6600 gross. See what I mean ?

A husband/wife team is ideal because the $$ goes into the same bank account !

Now a word of warning.....not all truck co's can run you hard constantly. Even teams might sit.

A well oiled team machine will run 20 hrs/day and the truck will be parked for 4 hrs. That way both drivers can sleep while the truck isn't moving. Which will help your body.

Also, one driver can shower while the other is fueling if needed. Good luck, Jimmy

Jun 13, 2017
It varies from company to company
by: Hervy

It depends on the company that you go to. Most companies (and many drivers) will say that you will make more than solo. Thts not necessarily true.

Is see many team operations promising or even bragging to average 5500 per week. (Thats only 2250 miles per driver.)

Often its a split of some mileage for each mile to the truck. Like .50 cpm split.

Thats only .25 per mile. If its .60 cents per mile thats on .30 per driver. (And i have never seen pay that high.)

As a solo driver you can easily get 2500 plus miles per week average and you can easily get more than .30 cents per mile.

So how in the world is team driving more pay than solo? It rarely is at most of these companies.

So basically team driving can be from $25,000 to $70,000 just like solo P.O.L.O. just do the numbers for the promises the company is making.

Better yet check for average team driver at that company.

Lol You might be asking because u already have and dont understand why you your numbers contradict what people say....."you get paid more running teams"

Its not you. Your numbers are correct. I dont knw why people always say that. And yes i drove teams.

But yes there are a few companies that you can make more than solo. But they run way more than 5500 miles and they might haul specialized freight that actually pays more.

Like i said just do the numbers for what the company says their compensation is. Mathmatics dont lie.

For more info on team driving search fro the page on this website. I talk more about my experience.

I will never do teams again.

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