How much are we entitled to know about their day?

I have been a truckers wife for 32 years, we have 3 kids and 1 grandchild together. He got caught cheating 15 years ago and during that time we sought counseling, talked and he admitted to having not one affair but 3.

The first two were short term but the last one last a year. Vowed never to do it again blah blah blah. never wore a wedding ring till then and he agreed to wear his. recently or 3 years ago he spent his entire 401K to become an owner operator.

I didn't want him to, he had a short experience with that once during the same time of his affair and God did not bless his plan and he had one major set back after another. Had 2 accidents which were both written as his fault. long story short, he or I should say WE had to file bankruptcy. We had no personal bills other than a mobile home payment. it was all his business bills.

So I told him I was very much against him doing this at age 52. He did it anyway and during that same week my mom suddenly passed away and he went out of town to pick up his truck her bought. I do not and have never liked staying by myself at night and had never until all our kids have left home this past August, I still hate it but I have it to do so there is no need fighting it.

He is very abusive if I ask him questions about where he is going or where he has been. He says and has always said I'm not his mama and he's a grown gd man and doesn't have to answer to anyone. well I recently got him to get an iphone and installed find my iphone on it.

He has a lot of times he's stopped for long periods at rest areas and truck stops when he is in route. he says he's napping but he stops at night at 9-9:30 and doesn't start again till 8:30 - 9:00 the next morning but will be stopped again at noon till 4 and it was after one of these stops I asked him why he needed a nap of 4 hours after only driving 2 hours and only 1 1/2 hour from home. he lost it when he found out i had the app on his phone, took my phone away from me, beat me with my own purse, broke both my rx glasses, then went to get the shotgun. I ran out into the yard, it was dark and hid behind my school bus tire. he fired the gun. I didn't know until later it only had one shell in it or he would have continued to hunt me.

I ran through the woods and went to the only neighbor for 2 miles. we live in a very rural area and not many live on our road. my neighbor wasn't home so I hid in the woods until she came home. I called 911 and they came and searched the property and said they couldn't find him. I explained he was there somewhere because he had not left in any of the automobiles.

I came to the house with them to search inside and after a quick run though they said if you hear from him give us a call? I ran and got in my van and left before they did. I went and got our 29 year old son to come here with me and found his daddy. he was in one of his cars on top of his truck. things have only gotten worse since then.

He says he is doing nothing wrong and then I find out he spent two hours in a restaurant with 2 other married men last week at a titty bar. He said there is nothing wrong with it. He says I'm just a B**** and am tracking him.

Is it wrong for me to expect to know where he is and when he is going to be stopped for more than 30 minutes?

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Oct 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

We are judging that she is a better person than to be hanging out with this type of person!

Hello...are you such a moron that you would tell people because you have invested so much of your time that they should stick around for more abuse....

so yes I am judging that "you" (last poster) are stupid to stick around an abuser...

Oct 07, 2015
I understand and have an opinion about it
by: Anonymous

It is so easy for people to judge your situation and tell you that you need to leave but take it from someone that has been in that situation before it is not easy.

I think that once you invest so much time and energy into someone it is hard to move on. My husband is an OTR truck driver well he is actually a CDL Driver/mover for Atlas and let me say to me the sun sets and rises in his face and the hardest thing I do is be away from him.

But in my opinion after walking a mile in your shoes, I would cut my loses or if you are much like me and need proof I would hire a private investigator and see what is really going on.

Or I would just leave. He seems violent and it isn't worth it believe me

Sep 17, 2015
Get help now
by: Anonymous

Get HELP now.
Get out!
Get an attorney!
He will kill you...

He has checked out of this marriage and does not deserve you.

Nov 17, 2014
What I think
by: Anonymous

If you must go through all of this type of drama its about time to keep running and not just to your son....there will come a time "guarantee" he will kill if you want to stay and keep safe well then you will have to put up with or resort to knowing nothing about what he does...on the other hand if you want piece of mind and safety get the hell out!!

You have a grandchild that needs you alive not dead...sorry for the bluntness but I refuse to candy coat any domestic violence situation..they dont change until that person is out of their life he does not love you because he threatens you and calls you names if that is love in your mind you have a few things twisted doesn't hurt..:( sorry..

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