How do you trust someone that does not trust you?

by Confused

Generally speaking, Is it possible to trust someone that does not trust you? Even after years of being there for the person when family or friends were not?

And why would a person not trust after such a long period of what would be undoubted friendship to anyone else. Is the person just being manipulative or could there be psychological problems?

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Jun 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

from what I read in the comments Jennifer is 100% on key.... with her answer. I have lived this life of being hurt... over and over again...

I am on my third marriage, where I have been gone pretty much 7yrs out of 8. I found myself not trusting my wife, for no reason at all, it has took me and her many yrs to over come this, and I will not lie, at times I find myself falling back into those thoughts, of why is she not talking to me that much... why is she not texting me back right away, what could she be doing, why did she not say she loved me.... this time etc.

its very hard when you have been cheating on or hurt in other ways in a relationship. I have to realize she is at home, she has a life, she is raising the kid, she works, she worries the same stuff about me sometimes too, she has friends and family there, and cant and shouldn't put her life on hold just because I am not there with her.

Its not fair. anyway don't know if I made anypoint here but I tried.

Jan 24, 2009
by: Jennifer Schnittker

Is trust a 2 way street- Well in the idealistic world, trust should go both ways. But it does not always have a sense of reciprocity about it. Meaning, it does not always go both ways.

In "General" it is possible to trust someone that does not trust you. If we are just talking about "trust" on a day to day basis.

However, if you want to be honest, and let me know what exactly is going on, it would be much easier to answer the question.

Trust is a huge issue when it comes to a driver and spouse relationship.

Since I am not sure exactly what it is that you are referring to, I can only assume that the person "or in general" the subject is probably one that has been hurt over a period of time, and does not possess the inability to trust anyone or anything and is hiding behind a mask.

In other words, what has been done to this person is something that only a slow, gentle and loving hand will ever be able to over come.

With Strength, perseverance, understanding, sympathy, and a strong guiding hand it is possible that YOU can show this person that you deserve her/his trust.

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