How do i start off trucking?

by Falon
(Cincinnati, OH)

Hi my name is Falon,

I've been thinking about seeing what i can do to get my CDL. My dad has been driving a mixer for close to twenty years and some of his stories just seem exciting somehow.

I know that i have to be twenty-one before i can go long distance, but I'm willing to wait, after all it is only four months away and i doubt that i would have a permit by then.

The main reason I'm interested is because i love to move around, i hate being tied to the same place for long. Driving across the country just has that certain appeal.

I'm aware that the cost of obtaining your CDL is quite extensive, but if it wasn't worth it why are so many doing it right?

I'm wondering if anyone else has thought about this in the way that i have. All i know is that this career choice would make life more interesting as well as help me save so i can buy a house.

As for you other women that are truckers, how did your mate feel about it? Is it hard to actually stay in a relationship when you're gone so long?

Thanks for all your help and i look forward to learning from your responses.

Thanks! ^.^

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