How do I register a truck outside of California to avoid the cost of the Air Resource Boards (ARB) clean air act?

by Bankrupt in California
(Los Angeles)

1999 Freightliner
Medium duty
Two axle
Six cylinder Diesel
Retail Cost $21,500

ARB Required 01/01/2013
Air Particulate Filter installed $18,000 (Dealer estimate)

ARB Requirement 01/01/2015
Replace Air Particulate Filter engine with new engine no older than 2010.
Cost of Used 2010 engine installed $40,000 (Dealer estimate 01/07/2013).

Total cost excluding maintenance repairs for a 14 year old truck?

Ca. tax 9.25%=


Chance of a Bank Financing $86,853.75 for a 14 year old vehicle valued at $21,500?

Please check one:
Yes ___________
No ____________
No Chance in Hell! ___________

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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