how do I recover from rollover accident from truck being blown off the road by tornado winds

by rolly polly

Hi! I'm a lady driver who runs teams with my boyfriend of 2 & 1/2 years. About 3 weeks during all of the bad weather (tornado), my truck was literally blown off the road by the winds. My company, which I will not name, said it was a non-preventable accident & allowed me to keep my job but I'm nervous about driving.

My nerves are shot. I'm hoping to either get counseling or some refresher to reassure myself about my job. I need to work to support my family & I hope that there are others out there who can relate to or understand my situation before judging me.

I'm not a bad driver. This is my first accident EVER! However, it only takes one...

Please, does anyone have any words of advice? - Rolly Polly

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Jun 10, 2011
by: Rolly Polly

I have to say that I am first off, thankful to God for my life, having walked away with just a scratch & my co-driver is alive & well, too (poor thing was in the bunk). Also, no other vehicles were hit in the accident, thank God.

I'm glad I was able to keep my job because in these uncertain economic times, if we're fortunate enough to have a job, we need to keep it.

But I am also very grateful to have support of fellow drivers who are not judging me & truly are on my side about getting back on the road.

Thank you everyone! I'll see you down the road, God Bless...

Jun 10, 2011
wind and the roll over.
by: TruckerYitz

company was smart to classify it as non preventable. i would get that statenmebnt in writing signed by the safty director so that in the future should things change, company grts taken over, safty director gets changed etc... you have your protection.

next, yrs ago i was one of five trailers with thye same load going to a customer in south texas. we were south of dalls all propely paced. i was 3rd in the convoy. we were all chatting ion the cb, this was before cell phones. the guy in front of me starts screaminng at the guy in front of him,, heyyy what are you doing. as his trailer lifted off the ground and flipped the whole thing on its side. so thats 1st guy on the side. 2nd guy slamms on the brakes and he screams oh sh.t as he fells his truck and trailer airborn and on theway to being fkipped. i wasd not touched by that wind at all and the three of us me and the 2 guys behind me pullerd over and in disbelief looked at our friends trucks no skid marks at all just fkipped over on thier sides with only the mirrors busted. if we hadnt seen it for ourselves, we would have thought they were drag racing or something. oh it was a clear blue sky and dry roads etc...

so just know that every once in a while, some thing can happen that the safty class cant possibly teach you when dispatch, customers etc want that load on time. but we do what we know best, and we all want to get home safly. so go out there and do it as safe as you can, over and over again till its just 2nd nature again.

Jun 08, 2011
Time heals all wounds
by: Hervy

I agree with anonymous Roly Poly.

If you read over what you have written you will see that you already realize that you didn't cause the rollover. Your mind and though pattern hasn't caught up with what your brain knows already. Your brain first created those fears after the accident to keep you alert and avoid another accident, now it's back on track after determining that you didn't contribute to the accident and the rest of your system will soon follow where your brain is. It's a defense mechanism to keep you alert so that your safe. "The body is amazing, isn't it"

So your still on alert but you can help the transition back to a normal state of mind by doing exactly what you have begun to do. Think things through and seek information.

Fortunately you will see the anxiety fade as you tell yourself the truth about not causing the accident. Even more so not being able to do anything to avoid it. Best of all though......
what you experienced is like hitting the lottery, it is very unlikely that you will be the one blown off the road like that again.

For these reasons it is perfectly safe to loose the fear.

You are a great driver that had a bad day!

So you just keep thinking that truth through and stay on the road. The anxiety will fade and you will be your old self again eventually.

Take care.

( Keep your distance or slow down if that's what you need to do to be calm, I don't know how seriously this is affecting you, I mean if your hysterical the whole time your driving you need to see someone)

Jun 08, 2011
roly poly
by: Anonymous

Well just keep driving and your nerves will ease and you will get your confidence back. Just remenber it was not your fault. You cannot prevent weather events from happening. Hang in there I assure you it will pass. I know been there done that. If you need someone to talk to email me at I will help you anyway possible.

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