How can I trust my husband while he is trucking

by Cody
(Duncan ok)

I am new to being a truck drivers wife. I am 25 years old and I am a little on the jealous side. My husband has been faithful to me for 6 years, but i wonder how he is when he hasn't seen me for a while. I worry about those women called lot lizards.

Have you come across them many times in your truck driving years? I hear many stories about what truck drivers do and the things they talk about, and I just get mad and take it out on my husband.

I am hurting my marriage by being this way but I cant help it. I am jealous that he gets to go see the country and have a good time doing God nose what, while I am stuck at home.

I consider myself very pretty and my husband thinks im beautiful, but I wonder what kind of girls he runs across when he is on the road. If you have any advise for me please email me. I'm afraid our marriage is not going to last.

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Jun 20, 2013
Oh really??
by: Anonymous

I read alot of the comments but the one that I couldn't believe is "how comfortable do you think a lot lizard would be if she climbed into a truck with pictures of you".

I road with my boyfriend for a year. Now he is over the road and I hate it! If you think the lot lizards care about pictures of your wrong!

They will suck your mans dick while he is on the phone with you if he wants! They are out for money and could care less about anything else!!!

Aug 29, 2011
Helpful Information
by: Cathy

As my husband would say and has told me many times, if he was gonna pay for sex then why not get it from home since he is already giving me his money.

With that in mind, if he has been faithful for so long then he really loves you and I do not think that he would mess that up. I know that it is difficult to deal with being home alone taking care of everything including the children.

I am a mom of a 5 year old with ADHD and it is very difficult to deal with alone some times. But, communication is the number one key to a good relationship such as a trucker's wife. My son and I talk to my husband every day and it really helps.

If you need someone to talk to or if anyone else needs someone to talk to email me at Let me know that you saw me on this site.
Hope this helps!

Jun 25, 2009
Chin up ;)
by: Anonymous

Hi Cody,

First and foremost, if you get a minute, please read my "Power of the Mind."

I do believe this will help you a bit in this area.

I know it crosses all of our minds- the lost lizards. However, How comfortable do you think that lot lizard is going to be, if she climbs into a truck filled with pictures of you! Not very.

Look at some of the suggestions I made in that article. Mostly regarding pictures in his truck!

I know it has worked as a lizard repellent for me ;)

If There is anything else that you would like to know, please feel free to contact me.


April, beckey, julie, and I have become pretty close through this site. If there are any other wives on here, that would like to join this support group, please feel free to contact me. We all can use a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent on, or just the understanding of someone that goes through this daily as well ;)

Best of Luck to you- and chin up girlfriend. It does get easier as the time goes.

Jun 01, 2009
Trucking and relationships
by: Hervy

Hello Cody,

Sorry you are so stressed about your husband being a trucker. I know it is hard for you. You said something very important that you must remember though.

He has been faithful to me for 6 years.

That was very positive. You also said this . . .

I am jealous that he sees the country and I am home with the kids. You even admitted to knowing the negative impact that this has on a marriage. And that is true.

However, Cody at least you see where changes needs to be made.

There are several things you should do.

Always remember that your husband has been faithful. You know what kind of man he is better than anyone else, if he has earn your trust then trust him.

Even if you have to write out a note and place it on the refrigerator as to why he deserves your trust (same positive reinforcement a personal mission statement provides) then do it.

2. Get rid of all the people telling you what they think your husband is doing on the road. (if this is happening)

3. You need to either listen to some motivational speaking, try zig ziglar or steven covey. This just assists you to be positive and help you overcome your problems with jealousy.

4. You might want to see if there is a local continuing ed class around you for addressing jealous behavior (especially if your not going to do number 1, 2, and 3. Jealousy and resentment will without a doubt destroy your communication and relationship. So you need to address it, there is no work around to keep your jealousy.

5. this actually should have be number 1. Understand that your husband is not at 6 flags out here. Sure most of us love trucking but it's not what most people would consider fun.

I couldn't write everything here. So I made a page for this response to your submission, it's here

Jun 01, 2009
Don't worry Cody.
by: Jimmy

You yourself said he has been faithful for 6 years. So why would he suddenly become un-faithful just because he is now a trucker. Temptation is always there, whether he works down at the factory or drives around the USA.

What if he's thinking the same thing about you, wondering if you are being faithful? Yes, there are hookers out there, but there are hookers in OKC, just an hour or so from your front door.

I would have an honest talk with hubby. It's called communicating. After all, you know him as well as anyone. Jimmy

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